How to win Battle

If you are reading this, you’re probably a spanish viewer asking yourself why you can’t win the battle versus French Streamers. This article is for you.
We’ll explain how to create a Reddit account (and why you’ll have a name looking like a « bot » name if you don’t rename your account, nb french ppl are not boting) and how to certify it, so that you can place a pixel every 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

How to create your Reddit Account

  1. Start at
  2. Register your account by going to the upper right-hand corner on the homepage and clicking “Register.”
  3. Choose a Username and Password (and email, if you choose) and click, “Create an Account.”
  4. In seconds, your new account has been created!
How to win Battle - reddit signup form -

How to verify your reddit account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Reddit password
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click send verification email
  5. Open the email from Reddit
  6. Click the verification link

You’re now verified and can connect to to start drawing pixels !

How to lead your viewers correctly so that no pixel is lost in the war

This might be the more interesting information we’ll give you there. So listen well ! If you don’t make any planification, your viewers will sadly try many time to replace the same pixel and you’ll lose too many attempts. So the idea is to split your audience. You can do it using their birthdate : All viewers born between the first and the fifth of a month will be team A, 6 to 10 will be team B and so son.. Then you can defend and/or attack every minute instead of every 5 minute, you’ll have way more success .

How to use « scripts »

Last information, use Tempermonkey script. You’ll find usefull information there (Shout out to Hots community)

Please no-one forget that this is a game, so whoever you fight for ( your country, for your favorite streamer, …) : keep it fun !