The SUTOM variants

The MOTUS show has been on the screen for more than 20 years on the France 2 television channel. Today, the game is very popular thanks to the many versions available on the internet, such as SUTOM. We suggest you discover other variants to train or to change your universe. Musical, mathematical or with letters, you will find something to enjoy!

The official version of the ZLAN 2022 - ZUTOM

Example of a part of ZUTOM.

For those of you who do not yet have access to ZUTOM, the official game of the ZLAN 2022, go to ZUTOM website from now on. This version offers two distinct modes:

  • the Series of the Day mode, which invites you to find 5 words per day,
  • the ZLAN Training mode, which is intended for all those who wish to train for the ZLAN.

For more information on the rules of the ZUTOM event at the ZLAN, see the last part of the guide How does SUTOM work?

Most popular - TUSMO

Example of a part of TUSMO.

This is theThe most popular alternative at the moment. Indeed, the game offers several game modes which allow for a variety of gameplay:

  • the word of the day, which invites you to find a word in 6 attempts,
  • In today's sequence, this mode is similar to the word of the day, but you have to find several words,
  • the single player mode, which offers you the possibility of chaining words together in solitary,
  • the multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete against other players in real time.

The site even has an English version for those who want it.

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Find the word - WORDLE

Example of a WORDLE game.

If you're a fan of Shakespeare's language, try WORLDE, a totally English version of motus. This is a classic version. You have 6 tries to find the word of the day.

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Do maths! - NERDLE

Example of a game of Nerdle.

For those of you who are more comfortable with numbers and mathematicsNERDLE is the ideal variant. The game offers several modes:

  • a standard version, in which you have 6 tries to find the right operation,
  • a mini version of the standard mode, in which the operation has only 6 cells instead of 8,
  • a "one-shot" version, in which you have all the answers, but only one attempt,
  • a speed version, in which you fight against a timer. The more attempts you make, the more you are penalised.

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Music in the skin - HEARDLE

Example of a HEARDLE game.

HEARDLE is a musical version, in which the game invites you to listen to a short sequence of the introduction of a song. You have 6 tries to find out which song or artist it is. Alternatively, you can sacrifice a trial to get more listening time, up to 16s.

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You're getting warmer! - CEMANTIX

Example of a part of CEMANTIX.

This variant is a little different, but the final goal is still to find a word. You have as many attempts as you need. As you enter words, they get scores, positive or negative, and higher or lower. The hotter they are, i.e. closer to 100, the closer you get to the solution. So you need to multiply the words. Since the game is based on semanticsIf you have a high score, try to link up those with the highest scores in order to find the solution.