The best strategies for SUTOM

If you want to become a SUTOM champion, as was Jarno at MOTUSWhether you're trying to win a game, beat your friends or just find the word of the day, you need to know the best strategies to win. To stay ahead of the game, check out our tips in this guide.

How to use the lines?

Since you only have 6 attempts to guess the mystery wordIt is important not to do just anything, but to be strategic. Overall, the First 3 lines will help you to search for the maximum number of letters available in the word. You can extend this search to the fourth line if necessary, or stop at the second line if you have enough clues.

SUTOM: The first 3 lines are used to search for letters.

If you keep the idea that the first 4 lines are related to the search for letters, then the Last 2 must be used to formulate real proposals to find the hidden word.

SUTOM: the last lines are used to make word proposals.

Successful first attempts

SUTOM always provides you with the first letter of the word, which gives you an important clue to get started; it prevents you from wasting time. But you still have to make relevant suggestions to avoid wasting time.

To be successful, you must quickly eliminate as many vowels as possible. Some of them are also part of the 10 most common letters in the French language, with E in the first position. Here is the list of the other 9 letters: S, A, I, T, N, R, O, L and U. Keep it in mind. On your first attempt, it is best touse a word that contains as many letters as possible from this list and in particular vowels.

To help you with this task, it is possible to have a list of words for each letter of the alphabet and each word size. This is a tedious task, which requires real practice and a very good memory capacity.

During your second attempt, do not try to find in a row the word You don't necessarily have to put letters in the right place if you already have them. Again, take the time to find more letters before moving on. You will find more information about this later in this guide.

Sometimes, when you are faced with a word, you get stuck. One of the reasons for this is the presence of double letters in the word. For example, the word CAFETERIA contains the letter E twice and the letter A twice; if you have not already tested a word with two E's or two A's, you will not get the clue. It is therefore It is imperative to know quickly if there are duplicate letters. You have three or even four tries to search, so don't hesitate to use a line for this purpose. However, avoid words such as COUSCOUS or KAYAK from the start. If none of the letters are present in the word, you will have lost a line for nothing.

Finally, on your first lines, don't do theerror in submitting invalid lettersFor example, if you have already used ARMOIRE, and there is no R, there is no need to start again with ARMURES. For example, if you have already used ARMOIRE, and there is no R, there is no point in starting again with ARMURES. It is even more of a mistake if you use an invalidated letter twice in the same word. It is still possible to use this method if there are particular letters, such as the H, that you want to test, and the only words you can think of contain invalid letters.

Find the secret word

When you are to the 3rd lineBy the time you get to the end of the year, or even the fourth year, it is important to think about what you are writing. It is high time to make real proposals and not the search for letters.

In order to succeed in this stage, it is important not to not get stuck on the beginning of the word. This is easy and tempting since you already have the first letter, and possibly the second. However, the end of the word is equally important. Depending on the end letters, e.g. IR, one can easily eliminate a whole bunch of words and concentrate on others, especially second and third group verbs.

Also, if you still don't have the right placement for the last letters, remember that many words end in E, S or R. So make proposals in this sense, if your word includes one of these three letters.

If you are playing to win, it can be interesting to take a break between several testsThis is especially true if you only have one letter left. When you concentrate on the same letters for too long, it can be difficult to think straight and juggle them. If this is the case, come back to the game later and you will see that you will have plenty of new suggestions in mind.

List of useful words

In SUTOM or TUSMO, the words can vary in size from 5 to 9 letters. It is not always easy to come up with words. To help you, you can remember a number of words as seen earlier in this guide.

Here are some examples of useful words you can use to get your game off to a good start. To find all the useful words we recommend, go to our guide The best first words for SUTOM and TUSMO.

Letters5 letter words6-letter words

During the ZLANthe words should only includebetween 5 and 8 letters. To find the official rules of the competition, go to the last part of our guide How does SUTOM work?

For those who really want to become the cream of the crop in SUTOM, you can also read the dictionary before going to bed to enrich your vocabulary. For all the others, all that remains is to train to become efficient. It is by playing that you will create automatisms. If you would like more information on SUTOM and its variants, please refer to our guides.