SUTOM word of the day solution

Inspired by the MOTUS game show, SUTOM invites you to search for and find a specific word each day. It may look simple on paper, but it's not always easy to get the right answer. In this article, you'll find the solution to the word of the day.

SUTOM: solution of 21 June 2024

The word of the day is a 7-letter word beginning with P.

If you want to continue looking for the answer yourself, here's how an index which might help you: the word is a light construction based on wooden or metal beams and pillars, usually placed in a garden or on a terrace.

In case you've run out of ideas, here you go the solution PERGOLA.

The SUTOM rules

There's nothing particularly complex about the way SUTOM works. With each new game, you need to find a word. It contains between 6 and 10 letters. It must be a word that exists: you can't just suggest a random string of letters. Note that it cannot be a proper noun, but plurals and conjugated verbs are accepted. And you don't have to worry about accents.

As in the famous game Mastermind, you have the right to several attempts to find the solution. To be more precise, you have 6 trialsrepresented by 6 different lines. To limit the field of possibilities, the first letter is always indicated. It must remain the same for each attempt.

As you test, when you find the good position of a letter, it appears in a red square. If the letter is present in the final word, but misplacedShe appears in a yellow circle. Conversely, a letter that is not in the solution remains in blue.

Example of a part of SUTOM