How does SUTOM work?

Game shows such as MOTUS have become very popular in recent times, thanks to the many variants available on the web. One of these is SUTOM, directly inspired by MOTUS. The game itself was originally the French version of LINGO, which was broadcast on the small screen in the USA. Discover in this guide how SUTOM works. The official version of ZLAN2022, ZUTOM, is available at the end of the guide with the official rules of the competition.

The SUTOM rules

There is nothing complicated about SUTOM, the objective is simple: find a word! The word to find contains between 6 and 9 letters. It cannot be a proper noun, but plurals and conjugated verbs are accepted. It must be a word that exists: you cannot propose a random sequence of letters. You do not have to worry about accents.

As in the famous game Mastermind, you have the right to several attempts to find the solution. To be more precise, you have 6 trialsrepresented by 6 different lines. In order to limit the range of possibilities, the first letter is always indicated. It must remain the same for each attempt.

As you test, when you find the good position of a letter, it appears in a red square. If the letter is present in the final word, but misplacedShe appears in a yellow circle. Conversely, a letter that is not in the solution remains in blue.

Example of a part of SUTOM

To find out more about the best way to deal with SUTOM grids, visit our guide The best strategies for winning at SUTOM.

The mode of the ZLAN 2022

The official version of the ZLAN is the ZUTOM! If you don't already have it in your favourites, the game is available on the website ZUTOM. Feel free to share your scores and word sequences to compete with other players!

Achieve the fastest time to find 5 words in a row in the ZUTOM training mode.

The official rules for the ZLAN 2022

If you are participating in the ZUTOM event, here are the current rules for the competition.

This event will be individual. This means that each member of a trio will have to participate on their own computer. The communications within the team are not allowed ! The ZUTOM test should consist of between 2 and 3 sets of words.

Each series maximum duration 10 minutes. They are governed as follows:

  • There are 15 words to find per team5 per player. You have 10 minutes to find 5 words. At the end of the 10 minutes, the series stops. There is no timer for a word. You can spend as much time as you need to guess it.
  • As with SUTOM, you only have to 6 tests to find the solution. If you do not reach the final word, it is lost for this one and you will be penalized. Moving on to the next word is automatic.
  • It is not no turning back. If you pass a word, it is irredeemable. To pass a word, simply enter a word several times to get the 6 attempts.

Concerning penalties If you get stuck on a word and can't find it after the 6th attempt, you receive an additional penalty of 4 attempts, i.e. 6+4 = 10 attempts for a word not found.

The ranking depends on the total number of trialsincluding penalties, for each trio. You should therefore aim to minimise the number of trials per word, rather than rushing to complete the series. Time is only used to decide between two trios with the same number of total trials.

In order to be successful on SUTOM or ZUTOM, you need to practice, that's a fact. The more you play, the better you will become, the more vocabulary you will have and the better your ability to juggle letters. For more information about SUTOM, please refer to our guides.