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Perhaps you too have become addicted to the web versions of the popular MOTUS game. Whether you play SUTOM or another version such as WORDLE, you will find in our guides how to become more successful. However, you should know that very good players are regular players. If you want to become a word master, you'll have to practice!

Can you find the secret word?

How does SUTOM work?

Before challenging your family or friends, it is necessary to understand how SUTOM works. There is nothing complicated about the rules of this game, but a little refresher never hurts.

Always be one step ahead at SUTOM with our guide.

The best strategies for SUTOM

To become a master at SUTOM, you need to think and use the tests effectively. Always be one step ahead with our guide.

There are many variations of SUTOM.

The SUTOM variants

There are countless versions of SUTOM, some of which involve songs or mathematics. Check out our selection.

This guide provides word lists to help you get started in a game of SUTOM or ZUTOM.

The best first words for SUTOM and TUSMO

In this guide you will find word lists for each letter of the alphabet and of different lengths. Useful for a good start to the game!