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Tower of Furies: how to activate it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Among the many activities players can take part in in Zelda Tears of the KingdomThe activation of the various reconnaissance towers. This is a colossal project, with no fewer than fifteen towers in all. In this guide, we explain how to access the Peuliers Tower and the steps to follow to get it up and running.

Finding the Tour des Peuliers

Location of the Peuliers Tower - Zelda TOTK

Location of the Tower

Zone : South of Hyrule

Contact details 0604; -2126; 0941

Nearby shrines : Utu Xoqi, Ziu Qoüme

The Tower of the Peuliers is located in the southern part of the Kingdom of Hyrule, to the west of Necluda, just below Lake Adeya. If you haven't yet ventured into these lands, but have already unlocked the Tower of the Plain of HyruleUse it to get closer to your new goal.

Steps to activate the Tower

Unlike other towers, you can access the interior of the Peuliers Tower directly. However, you will soon realise that the terminal is not usable. You will need to find Zelkoviehthe pnj who is supposed to repair this technology.

The Tower of the Peuliers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

He is trapped in a cave beneath the tower. To reach him, jump into the Puits nord des Peuliers. It's in front of the building. Then break through the rocks blocking your path to discover a corridor and, in the process, Zelkovieh. He tells you to press down on the slab that controls the barsThe problem is that the button in question is on the other side of the cage. The problem is that the button in question is on the other side of the cage.

Use Infiltration to return to the surface and head for the back of the tower. (Coordinates: 0605; -2226; 0051) where you will find the entrance to the Peuliers Heights site. Continue through the tunnel until you reach Zelkovieh. Turn on the switch to remove the bars, then return to the tower. Thanks to the pnj's intervention, the Tower of the Peuliers is operational again. You still need to place the Pru'Ha tablet on the terminal to obtain the teleportation point. That concludes this guide!

To continue your mission of checking the Towers, you can now use the paravane to reach the Sahasla Plain Towera little to the north-east of your current position. For solutions to the other towers, see our page dedicated to the different Zelda Tears of the Kingdom recognition towers.

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