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Tower of the Gerudos Heights: how to activate it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Among the many activities players can take part in in Zelda Tears of the KingdomThe activation of the various reconnaissance towers. This is a colossal project, with no fewer than fifteen towers in all. In this guide, we explain how to access the Tower of the Gerudos Heights and the steps to follow to get it up and running.

Finding the Tower of the Gerudos Heights

Location of the Tower of the Gerudos Heights - Zelda TOTK

Location of the Tower

Zone : South-West Hyrule

Contact details -3959, -1313, 0422

Nearby shrines : Rotum Mam, Otum Tuma, Solyota Nigo

To reach the Tower of the Gerudos Heights, you will need to be well equipped. You'll need something to protect you from the heat, as well as clothing suitable for the cold conditions in the mountains. You can use flying islands and the Canyon Tower to bring you closer together.

Steps to activate the Tower

Once you've completed your long ascent, you'll soon realise that the entrance to the Tower of the Gerudos Heights is buried under snow. As a result, it's simply impossible to open the doors. The book in the tent next to it gives you an essential clue: you must take a cave under the tower.

The Tower of the Gerudos Heights in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The cave in question is the Esmara Plateau cave whose entrance is located at the back of the Tower, in the rock face. Once in the tunnel, you must make your way to the underground river.

There, turn to the wooden parts depot for build a makeshift raft. There's no need to build anything crazy: the current will guide you to your destination, even with just a board. Drop into the waterfall and make your way back to dry land.

Next, you'll need an arrow capable of generate an ice shelf in the water. Draw your bow and shoot the arrow between the pillars, below the wooden plate next to the ceiling. The idea is to be able to use Infiltration at this level to reach the inside of the tower.

Once you've reached the heart of the tower, you can place your Pru'Ha Tablet on the terminal and retrieve the associated data and the teleportation point. That's all for this guide! For solutions to the other tricks, please refer to our page dedicated to the different Zelda Tears of the Kingdom recognition towers.

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