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Tower of the Sahasla Plain: how to activate it in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Among the many activities players can take part in in Zelda Tears of the KingdomThe activation of the various reconnaissance towers. This is a colossal project, with no fewer than fifteen towers in all. In this guide, we explain how to access the Sahasla Plain Tower and the steps to follow to get it up and running.

Find the Sahasla Plain Tower

Location of the Sahasla Plain Tower - Zelda TOTK

Location of the Tower

Zone : South-East Hyrule

Contact details 1341; -1176; 0166

Nearby shrines : Mo Lonqu, Maqa Sula

The Sahasla Plain Tower is not far from the Peuliers Towerin the heights to the west of the Village de Cocorico. If you have already completed this tower, teleport to it and use the screen. If not, the easiest way is to return to the Watchtower, then take your fastest horse to your destination.

Steps to activate the Tower

In front of the tower you'll find Piquieh, who explains that the doors won't open. You must therefore find another way to get inside. The next part of the tour takes place in a cavern beneath the tower, the Grotte de la Plaine de Sahasla. The entrance is at the bottom of the hill, just behind the tower.

The Tower of the Sahasla Plain in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

You must provide solid weapons (fused with a rock), or a small supply of bombs, to destroy the many obstacles in your way. Once you've made your way through the first pile of rocks, head right and enter the hollow directly to your right.

Now you can use Infiltration on the ceiling: you'll find yourself in the centre of the tower! You must now remove the two sticks holding the door closed. When this is done, the character repairs the tower and you can then activate it.

Go to your Pru'Ha tablet on the terminal for information about the building and the teleportation point. We suggest you head even further east towards the Tour de la Montagne de Lanelle.

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