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Dye your outfit in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Just as in Breath of the Wild, you have the chance to dye your clothes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In this way, you can make your outfit unique and perfectly to your taste. However, this process requires the expertise of Hyrule's only dyer. In this guide, we explain where to find it, as well as the steps to follow to change the colour of your armour.

Finding Hyrule's dyer

Soje, Hyrule's dyer in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There's only one man in the whole of Hyrule who can change the colour of your boots, helmets and other equipment. That man is Soje the dyer. If you want to embellish your outfits, you have to go and meet her.

It is located in the southern part of in the village of Elimith : You shouldn't have any trouble spotting his workshop, as the shop window is topped by four large, colourful vials. You can easily reach this area if you have unlocked the Rabelle Towerwhich lies a little to the west.

Changing the colour of Link's clothes

You can change the colour of all the outfits available in the game. Each change will cost you 20 rubiesand will require the contribution of some resources. To start the process, start a conversation with Soje and then follow the steps below.

  • Stage 1 - Please select "Dye my clothes!"
  • Step 2 - Please select "Dye an outfit!". At this point, you can also click on Original colourto restore the original colour of a modified outfit.
  • Step 3 - If you are already wearing the outfit of interest, select "Choose a colour. If not, you can change at that point.

Green, blue, red, yellow, grey, navy blue, pink... the choice is yours. No less than fifteen different colours are available, so you can get the result that suits you best.

All the dyes available in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
  • Step 4 - Select the resources you need to make the dye. The items you need depend on the colour you have chosen, but you will need always 5 resources in total. For example, to dye your clothes black, you could supply 5 flints or 2 materials of one kind and 3 of another.

Once you've defined the 5 resources, all you have to do is confirm the colour change and that's it. All you need to do is confirm the colour change and you're ready to fight the darkness in style!

Modifying the fabric of the paravane

Amiibo Zelda - Majora's Mask

Soje is a multi-skilled craftsman and can therefore take care of your parasail. To change the fabric, simply select the option "Renovate my paravane!" during the first exchange. You don't need to bring any resources with you this time, just choose the canvas you want from the ones you've unlocked. However, as with the dyes, this process costs 20 rubies.

There are a multitude of fabrics available for screens. Some, like the Fabric of Majora's Mask or the Fabric of the Mirror of Shadows, are available in the following colours thanks to Amiibowhile others are hidden in safes. This is particularly true of Tissu Nostalgique.

At the same time, you'll receive even more fabrics when you complete quests or challenges. For example, when you have completed the quest A model of ChuchuSoje himself will give you a few if you show him photos of specific creatures.

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