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The best buildings in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Available for just over two weeks now, the title Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has won the hearts of creative gamers thanks to to Link's new power entitled Emprise. Buildings are an integral part of the game, as they are needed to overcome certain obstacles or move characters, but what players from all over the world are most interested in, of course, is letting their imaginations run wild outside the imposed puzzles. Here are some of them of the best buildings that we have listed.

Useful buildings

While some players enjoy riding their horses across the gigantic plains of Hyrule, others have preferred to create useful vehicles to get around the kingdom even faster. Among all the crazy creations proposed by players, a few have already become iconic, both for their ease of use and their effectiveness.

I believe I can fly

The hoverbikealso known as an airbike, has quickly gone viral on the internet, and with good reason! It's very easy to build, and allows you to go just about anywhere you want, without the slightest effort.

The hoverbike in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
Image zeldabuilds.gg

If you want to build this vehicle, you only need three different parts: 2 turbines and 1 rudder. Then simply stick the two fans to the handlebars. Remember to place the blower part downwards. The rear fan should also be positioned a little higher than the front. However, the key to optimum performance is to make sure that the rear fan is slightly higher than the front fan. the inclination of the turbines. It may take a few tries to get the perfect version.

When Tony Hawk invites himself into Zelda

The only real disadvantage of the hoverbike is undoubtedly its size. It's not really transportable, whereas this second genius construction will accompany you wherever you go. Note, however, that this is more of a fusion than a construction in the strict sense of the word. Sliding on rails and hurtling down slopes - that's what's in store with the skateboard shield ! Yes, you read that right.

The simplest way to make your own skateboard involves using a wagon (photo left), as explained by Youtuber Drayden. Once you've found one, simply link it to your Amalgam shield - a Boko shield, for example - and that's it! You'll soon be the best skateboarder in Hyrule.

Skateboard Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Version 1
Skateboard Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - Version 2

We understand that the minecart aspect might put off the most purist of you. That's why we've looked for - and found - another solution. This time, you'll need a very specific soneau artefact, namely the conveyor (photo right). Follow the same steps as above to make your own Hyrulian skateboard.

If snowboarding or sandboarding takes your fancy, you can also enjoy of the slider to obtain a board adapted to this type of terrain.

When's the Tour d'Hyrule?

The Kingdom of Hyrule's many rough and tumble terrain will discourage many a player from building the most efficient land vehicle. Don't waste any more time looking for it, here's the best solution yet: Master Cycle 2.0. Published by user squishguin on zeldabuilds.ggThis cross between a bicycle and a dirt bike is very easy to build. All you need are four parts: 2 small wheels, 1 stabiliser and 1 rudder.

The best land bike in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Your own tank of the future

What could be better than driving around the Bokoblin camps in a vehicle that offers you unrivalled protection, as well as having a rotating laser cannon? The downside of this design is that it requires quite a few components and a bit of time to build. See to the Twitter of SM_239its creator, to obtain all the stages.

Combat robots

Zelda x Metal Gear Solid

You're definitely not ready for the next build. A mecha enthusiast, the user known as Uran120He usually builds his own robots from Lego. When he was given the chance to put his talent to work in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, he simply decided to make his own robots. reproduce the legendary Metal Gear from the eponymous series. What's more, the gun works perfectly!

A playable mecha

A large number of designers have come together on HyruleEngineeringa reddit dedicated to constructions of all kinds. Here are some of the craziest weapons we've seen, that of the user Clausioporosis caught our eye. Like Uran120, this player has created a mecha that can actually be controlled by Link. As well as having a rather stylish design, this fighting robot is extremely dangerous! It can throw bombs and fire laser beams...

A very good mecha in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

A small but important ally!

Taking on a group of creatures on your own is all well and good, but having the support a small automatic tankIt's not bad either. On the zeldabuilds.gg websiteuser Hoks has come up with a simple recipe for making your own automated weapon companion. You'll need 1 cannon, 1 golem head and 1 self-guided conveyor. Multiply these quantities by ten and you'll have a veritable army ready to fight alongside you.

Automatic mini-tank in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Funny constructions

Naturally, when the developers let players unleash their creativity, they don't hold back. Some of the ingenious constructions are also very funny. In spite of the fact that all the vehicles on the web are more optimised than ever, the redditers hollyhoppet and twolf201 have chosen their own means of transport...

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