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What are the spirits in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

With the depthsthe opus Zelda Tears of the Kingdom brings a whole new territory to discover. They're teeming with creatures of all kinds, bathed in darkness and sure to put your exploratory skills to the test. If you've been there before, you're sure to have spotted spiritsMaybe you've even picked some up. Unfortunately, you don't yet know how to use them. Don't panic, we'll explain everything you need to know about them in this guide.

Where can I find spirits?

"Cold to the touch, it wobbles without any particular rhythm. If you collect some, fortune could smile upon you." That's how the spirits are described in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. There are three distinct forms of will-o'-the-wisps: the small ones (left), the big ones (middle) and the big ones (right). The only difference is the number of spirits you get by collecting them: 1 for the normal ones, 5 for the large ones and 20 for the oversized ones.

There are three types of spirit in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

You'll find spirits just about everywhere in the depths of Hyrule. Because of the light they emit, you'll have no trouble spotting them in the dark. If you see any on the road, we recommend that you pick them up. As the description says, you'll come out a winner.

What are spirits for?

Spirits are classified as special items in your inventory and have no indication of any associated utility. However, it is an interesting resource, since it is in fact a currency of exchangewhose use is restricted to the Genie Statue shop.

It is a pointed stone figure with two pairs of eyes. It is located in the Fort de Guetmore specifically in the building housing Josha and Farras. When you're face to face with them, strike up a conversation by offering them a spirit to discover the shop in question.

Thanks to che secret shop you can from acquiring rare resources to unique pieces of equipment. For example, in exchange for 150 spirits, you'll get the Tunic of Darkness, the armour of the eponymous outfit, which protects against miasmas. Pretty handy for wandering the underground in complete peace of mind!

Example of items available in the Genie Statue shop - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

However, you'll need to be patient to get the chance to buy these items. At first, you won't have not access to all proposals the following will be unlocked as you find the brothers of engineeringscattered throughout the depths. It will also be possible to trade with all the statues.

All Genius Statues

When you talk to the Statue of the Watchtower, you'll realise that there are indeed other Genie Statues in the underground passages of the Kingdom of Hyrule. There are six in totalwhich means you'll have to get your hands on the other five.

If you want to look for them yourself, you can simply offer 100 spirits to the Statue to obtain the location of one of them. If not, you can find their contact details below. Here, we'll assume that Statue 1 is the Fort.

  • Location Statue 2 : 3851; -1327; -0858
  • Location Statue 3 : 3708; 2597;- 0413
  • Location Statue 4 : 0459; -0806; -0470
  • Location Statue 5 : 0884; -2405; -0393
  • Location Statue 6 : -1029; 2691; -0273

In fact, you can even unlock a seventh statuebut to obtain it you will have to complete the quest entitled The call of the deep.

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