Zelda TOTK

The first Zelda Tears of the Kingdom speedrun lasts only 1h34

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has only just been released that someone has already completed a speedrun of the game in only 1h34. A feat that will set the benchmark for the entire speedrunner scene for some time.

It's gymnast86 who managed this feat. This speedrunner is well known in the Zelda speedrun scene. He already has excellent times on Breath of the Wild and The Wind Wakerbut he is also the current world champion in Skyward Sword at the time of writing.

To achieve such a feat, only a few hours after the release of the game, one can imagine that he obtained it by not very clean means in order to train on it as much as possible and find the right strategies. Nevertheless, the show is there.

So of course, only watch the video if you don't care about being spoiledIt reveals a lot of things, including the end boss.