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Material Duplication Glitch in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

/Note: Since patch 1.1.2 of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was deployed on 26 May, this glitch no longer works. You'll need to play previous versions to use it.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom may be an incredible game, but it is not free of glitches, some of which can be exploited to our advantage. For example, it is possible to infinite duplication of materials. These duplicates make it possible to never run out of a crucial object or to become rich very quickly.

In this guide, we will only discuss the glitch of duplicating materials. But it is also possible to duplicate weapons and shields. It is best used on rare items to avoid long searches, but it works on absolutely all materials in the game.

There are many methods of duplication. We will focus on 3 of them in case Nintendo patches some bugs but not others. There is a method that only requires the screenone that uses a shield and one that uses a bow.

The paravane method is by far the fastest, most efficient and quickest. The shield method is also quite simple, but limits your duplications to 24 copies. The bow method is more complex and only allows you to duplicate one object at a time. We will detail the three methods.

Try to use them sparingly though, as finding and managing resources is part of the fun of the adventure.

Duplication glitch at the Paravoile

Preparing the glitch

For this method, you will need :

  • From your Paravoile
  • At least one copy of the objects you want to duplicate

Performing duplication at the Paravoile

Go to a place that is a few metres higher than the ground. You will need enough height to be able to set off your paravaneBut the height itself is not important. Just try to find a place where you can just get down and back up and that is not too steep or your items will slide away.

Jump (X) and release your paravane (X). While you are gliding, pause (+). Press (X) so that Link can pick up objects in his hands. Select 1 to 5 copies of the object you want to duplicate.

Once the objects are selected, press (Y) and (B) simultaneously to leave the break. The timing is very precise and may require one or two attempts. The items will then fall under Link. Pick them up and check your inventory. You should have duplicated all the items you dropped.

This method works for duplicate different objects simultaneously.

Duplication glitch at the Shield

Preparing the glitch

For this method, you will need :

  • From Zelda Tears of the Kingdom patch 1.1
  • From your Paravoile
  • From a high place
  • A shield (if possible new and without amalgam)
  • A copy of the object you want to duplicate
  • An object that you only own in one copy

This last object will be called the buffer" . It can be any object in the game, as long as you only have one. This is what will allow you to duplicate the object of your choice. Don't worry, you won't lose your buffer object during the manipulation.

As for the object to be duplicated, you only need to have between 1 and 4 copies in your possessionno more. You will have to put the excess in front of you before doing the manipulation. Be careful, the game

As the glitch requires you to jump onto your shield, it could break if you were to do it on rock-hard ground. However, sand and snow completely cushion the fall and your shield will not take any damage. That's why you should do this glitch in the desert or in the mountainsjust to be sure.

Find an elevated place from which you can jump and get out your Paravoile. It doesn't have to be very high, just high enough to hover for a few seconds.

To prepare the glitch, go to the pause menu (+) and take the buffer object in your hand (X + A). Exit the pause menu (+), drop the object on the ground (A) and then pick it up (A).

Repeat the operation with the object you want to duplicate, so that when you open your inventory, the last objects appearing in the tab are your buffer object, and then the object to be duplicated in the last position.

Material Duplication Glitch in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - mandatory zelda totk glitch duplication shield -

Now that everything is ready, it's time to duplicate!

Performing duplication at the shield

First, hold your shield up in front of you (hold ZL). Go forward and climb on your shield as if to surf on it (X + A) so that you throw yourself into the void in front of you. Take out your Paravoile (X) keeping the shield under your feet.

While descending, pause (+). In your inventory, on the Materials tab, press (X) to fit objects to Link, then select your buffer object, then all the copies you have of the object to duplicate.

Exit the pause menu (B) and Link will drop all the selected objects under his feet. Still in the air, pause (+), take out the pause (B) several times in a row. Four or five times should be enough. Wait for Link to fall back to the ground, then pick up your buffer object from the ground first. Then pick up the item you wanted to duplicate and, surprise, you now have at least two.

The number of copies you get depends on how many times you pause during the descent.

The Arc Duplication glitch

Preparing the glitch

For this method, you will need :

  • Of any two bows
  • At least one copy of the object you want to duplicate

This version of glitch requires much less preparation, but is slower and requires you to be quicker in your manipulation.

Performing arc duplication

Start by equipping one of your bows (ZR). Attach the object you want to duplicate to the bow (top arrow). Pause (+). Select the bow you have equipped and press "Remove from bag". Without leaving the pause menu, equip another bow.

This is where you have to be very quick: you have to leave the pause menu (+) and put it back on instantly (+). You have less than 3 frames to succeed.

Once back in the pause menu, drop the bow you are currently holding on the ground. Remove the pause and pick up the two bows. The object that was attached to your first bow has been split.

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