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Unlock the Camera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Whether it's to fill in the encyclopaedia, complete a few quests or simply keep some memories, it's important to unlock the Pru'ha tablet's Camera as quickly as possible in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It's not very complicated, but you could miss it if you get ahead of yourself.

Where to get the camera

You'll be able to unlock the camera once you've unlocked the Paravoile and made your first jump from a tower.

In this game, it's Faras who is responsible for all the improvements to the tablet. Pru'ha's assistant is initially based at the Watchtower, under the observatory. He and Josha argue all the time, because Josha is determined to investigate the Depths, while Faras thinks it's far too dangerous for his age.

Unlock the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Camera - mandatory guides zelda totk camera 01 -

Go and talk to the duo and Faras will have an idea: send you to take photos of the Depths to help Josha. He leaves before you to lead the way. However, as he's convinced that you already have the Camera function, he won't unlock it yet and you'll have to find him in the Depths to ask for it.

Go down into The Deep via the Abyss of the Plain of Hyrule (coordinates -0253; -0327; 0027;). There, an archaeologist will tell you that he saw Faras heading west. You'll have to follow the campfires Faras left behind to find him.

Unlock the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Camera - mandatory guides zelda totk camera 02 -

Faras is actually located under the purifying seed Iäy Usus (coordinates -0803; -0455; -0470;). Talk to him and he'll ask you to take a photo of a statue for Josha. Realising that you don't have the camera, he'll unlock it for you.

What's the camera for?

Thanks to the Camera, you'll be able to fill in your encyclopaedia. By photographing animals, monsters or resources, you can catalogue them on your tablet. As well as the collection and Pokédex aspects, the encyclopaedia is best used in conjunction with the Encyclopaedia Detector. With it, you can select an item from the encyclopaedia to detect, and it will let you know if a similar item is nearby.

You can also use the Camera to take images back to certain characters to complete quests. For example, there's the quest for the Soneaus tablets, which requires photographs of these tablets, or a Korogu curious to see what a whirlpool looks like.

But unlocking the Camera is also about progressing Faras' quests to unlock the tablet's other features, such as the Sanctuary Detector or the Amulet of Teleporation.

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