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How to capture a horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the KingdomWhile it's easy to find a mount, you'll need one to cross the vast plains of the Kingdom of Hyrule. While it's easy to find a horseit is more complex to capture it. That's why we've prepared a guide to explain the best way to proceed and the steps to follow.

Horses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Beige, white, black, brown, spotted, plain... you're bound to find a horse to suit your taste in this new opus. There are even some very unique mounts, like the giant horse or the du cheval doré.

Zelda TOTK - Epona

When you can't build airbike or any other fast vehicle, horses are your best friends for getting around Hyrule efficiently. All you need is a fast horse. Each horse is characterised by a level of speedThe horse's stamina, power and temperament are also important. What's more, every horse you capture displays a bar to show how much affection it has for you.

Taming a wild horse

You'll come across horses in many parts of Hyrule. Some horses are solitary, while others prefer the company of other horses. To find a horse quickly, we recommend that you go near a relay: the population is often denser around these establishments.

There are no thirty-six solutions for capturing a wild horse, you have to get on its back. This is easier said than done, as these animals are extremely fearful and will not hesitate to flee as soon as you try to approach them. To get round this problem, you need to walk quietly from behind or bring them fruit. However, not everyone reacts positively to this offering.

When you've spotted the horse of your dreams, make as little noise as possible, approach without running and position yourself at the back so that he can't see you. When you're close enough, press button A to mount him. From now on, you absolutely must stay on its back until it tolerates your presence. To make the process easier and calm him down, press the L button as soon as he tries to run away or knock you down. This step requires a little staminaso be prepared.

Zelda TOTK - Golden Horse

Once the horse has been captured, it must be brought back to a relay counter to be able to register it and give it a name. You can then pick it up from any relay station in the Kingdom.

In addition, you can only register a limited number of horses in parallel. If all the slots are full at the time of a check-in, you will have to release one of your horses. However, as you earn loyalty points at the relay stations, you'll earn rewards including places on new horses.

Recovering horses from Breath of the Wild

All the horses registered in Breath of the Wild are available in the stables of Tears of the Kingdom, provided that saves for both games are on the same console. If this is the case, all you have to do is go to a relay to select your travelling companion. This way, you can even recover Eponawithout having the Amiibo available.

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