Worms W.M.D. : All guides

Life as a worm is difficult! Slaloming between mines, bananas, sheep and old ladies is not as easy as it sounds! If we all know how to play Worms, being good at the game requires more than just shooting at the first person. That's why we've put together a series of guides and articles to help you get better at Worms W.M.D.The latest episode that is the joy of all esports competitions worthy of the name.

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What is Worms W.M.D.?

Worms, everyone knows the name, but where does it come from? And why are we playing the W.M.D. version?

Worms W.M.D.: All guides - mandatory worms wmd tips - Mandatory.gg

Start well and go further in Worms

As wacky as it is, Worms W.M.D. requires a certain amount of discipline. We explain the key points for each round of play.

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Weapon damage table

There are nearly a hundred weapons and tools in Worms W.M.D.! It is important to know how they work and especially their offensive potential.

Worms W.M.D. : All guides - mandatory worms wmd weapons damages - Mandatory.gg

Understand the order of play and abuse it

Knowing the order in which the worms play gives you a significant advantage over your opponents.