Vampire Survivors

Whiteout will be the next free update for Vampire Survivors

Poncle, the studio behind the phenomenon Vampire Survivorscontinues to share new information about the future content of its Bullet Hell. Recently, the developers revealed the first images of Whiteoutthe next free update. It includes a new character, a new level and much more.

Last August, Vampire Survivors was back in the news, with tweets posted by Laura Kate Dale. At the event dedicated to co-op mode, she was invited to discover a special version of the game, called Directer's Cutand shared it on Twitter/X. It revealed the existence of several survivors, as well as unknown levels and unlisted weapons.

Through the patch notes 1.6poncle also indicated that a future free update was in the pipeline, and that it would bring a brand new feature. While nothing has yet been confirmed, this could well be an adventure modeas we speculated in a previous article. And the wait may not be very long...

The developers recently released a preview of an upcoming free update for Vampire Survivors. With this update, players will be able to enjoy a whole new level in the snowThe style is reminiscent of the visuals for the famous adventure mode. The video also reveals that it will simply be called Whiteout.

An adventure mode in Vampire Survivors and new characters in the pipeline

According to the information provided in the post, Vampire Survivors will also welcome a new character, plus a range of new weapons and other challenges. All in all, plenty of fun to keep the darkness at bay.

The being in question is none other than the blue individualvisible in the last part of the trailer, whose silhouette resembles nothing we know. His identity is already known, since at exactly 38s we see a success "Surviving 20 minutes on Whiteoutwhich unlocks the character She-Moon.

The new Vampire Survivors character is called She-Moon.

At present, there is no indication that the character Santa - visible in the Directer's Cut - will be present in this update. However, as the developers have not announced a release date for Whiteout, with Christmas approaching and the level's wintry style, it seems entirely conceivable that Mr Claus will be joining the ranks of the survivors! It could be another secret character.

We can't wait to get out and about in these snowy landscapes and fight the many creatures of Chaos that cross our path! We'll be sure to share all the new weapons with you in our dedicated guide.