Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is available on Xbox Game Pass

Created by Luca GalanteAs a project to pass the time during confinement, Vampire Survivors has quickly become a Twitch phenomenon and beyond. While PC gamers have had direct access to this rogue-lite, Xbox gamers have not. However, the wait came to an end on November 10th, as Vampire Survivors was added to the catalogue Xbox Game Pass.

Vampire Survivors is a reverse bullet-hell in which you play as a hero trying to survive hordes of enemies of all kinds. As you slay the attacking creatures, you gain experience, level up and collect new weapons and passive objects to toughen you up. The more time passes, the more chaos sets in on the screen. Like indicates the developer, the best way to summarise this game is as follows "Be the Bullet Hell.

Chaos quickly settles in on screen in Vampire Survivors

Currently, the game has more than 157,000 "extremely positive" opinions on the Steam platform. The community was already large, but it has been growing ever since November 10th, when Vampire Survivors was released on Xbox Game Pass. Haven't got your hands on this epic title yet? Then it's time to get in on the action!

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