Vampire Survivors

An adventure mode and new characters in Vampire Survivors

Now available on PC, phones and various consoles, Vampire Survivors continues to grow in popularity. Tides of the Foscari was definitely not the last new content to be added by the studio behind GOTY. In the 1.6 patch notes, the developers presented a number of elements, an adventure mode and new characterswhich will be available in-game in the future.

A future adventure mode

In the early months following the launch of Vampire Survivors, players enjoyed fairly regular updates, bringing new characters and other new places to explore. Today, we can see a slower pace. If you're a fan of Bullet Hell, you can rest assured that the studio is doing everything it can to "return to a pace similar to the one we had during early access".In other words, on a monthly basis.

In fact, as stated in patch notes 1.6the multitude of platforms on which the game is now available has changed the way in which new content is published "As I'm sure you've noticed, we're no longer able to release content at a rapid pace, as the game is no longer a simple little .exe file that I can upload to Steam on my own. Between the DLC and the different platforms we're now on, releasing new content involves testing, building and uploading around 21 different elements, and going through 4 different certification processes. Something as simple as a member of a certification team not liking the translation of a single word, in a single language, can hold up a release for days".

An adventure mode is coming to Vampire Survivors

However, the studio's been busy! There are indeed new features in the pipeline; if it's taken a while for us to hear about them, it's because the game had to make the transition to the new engine. In the press release for patch 1.6, we learn that that a future feature will add a host of new possibilities and gameplay options.

If poncle remains vague about the latter, it could be a question of a unique adventure modeas you can see from the screenshot shared by the developers. Even if the background matches Legacy of the Moonspell DLC - which had to be paid for - poncle makes it clear that "This new feature will be available to everyone in a future free update.. The studio also took the time to point out that new content would be appearing at the same time...

A dozen new characters

Because yes, there's a lot more to come! A few weeks ago, the user Laura Kate Dale posted some intriguing information on the X social network. During the physical event dedicated to the future co-op mode, this person was invited to test a single version of the track entitled 'Directer's Cut'.

His post showed a different menu from the one we know, some unknown characters - including Rose, Torino and Joe, a sort of cosmic blob - and new levels. The user also pointed out that all the elements it presented may or may not be available at some point in the futureaccording to information provided by the studio. A slightly frustrating comment when you consider all the tempting content.

In fact, the studio authorised this publication simply because it involved a well-honed marketing strategy to tease out the game's future content... without the author of the tweet even realising it.

As indicated in the above-mentioned patch notes, the studio has released its own video presenting Directer's Cuta few days after the Tweet, but unlisted! The trailer features many of the elements presented by Laura Kate Dale.

While Mortaccio and Yatta's upgrades are already available in-game, that of Ramba has yet to be discovered. Perhaps it's a younger version of the character, judging by his facial features.
Other new characters make their appearance. We have listed them in the order in which they appear in the video:

  • Emeen' FlexA sort of sun king, accompanied by flowers,
  • Joethe famous cosmic blob, which can be seen at work in the background,
  • Bellaa warrior who reminds us of the world of Prince of Persia,
  • A rock band made up of Squelettes, with Tooa the singer, Ala'Facha the guitarist, Lee Meyo on synth and From Peeppo to the battery.

In the rest of the trailer, we discover an unnamed character who looks like a little space traveller. If we go back to Laura Kate Dale's Tweet, we see that his name is simply Space Dudeand has a laser pistol similar to the one in Marvin the Martian. The space theme also seems to be firmly anchored in this future additional content, as we can also see a level whose map is decorated with a planet and stars, and which is entitled Spazie.

Four other characters can be seen on screen: TorinoA warrior wearing a spiked helmet, RoseAn obscure figure who seems to use the power of the flower from which it takes its name, Ryoa fishing wolf capable of throwing fish at enemies, and last but not least, an individual dressed all in red called Santa.

We don't know if he'll be able to rain down gifts, but he looks particularly formidable when you see the attack he produces on screen. We look forward to bringing you all the weapons associated with these Survivors as soon as the information is available.

Laura Kate Dale's publication featured other individuals, including Kitty-San and Kiki-Chan. However, they don't appear in the official trailer, so it's possible that they will never be added to the game, as the studio stated at the end of the video that "All the new content presented in this version should be fully developed and released in future free updates". It's still possible that they'll be part of one DLC or another, bearing in mind that The current timetable for future additions extends beyond 2023.

In any case, we can't wait to test all this future content!