Vampire Survivors

Operation Guns, the new DLC for Vampire Survivors

Four months after Emergency MeetingPonce unveils Operation Gunsthe new DLC for Vampire Survivors. No Crewmate in sight, but explosions in every direction, badass characters and plenty of testosterone. Get ready for some epic battles, the Contra series is at the heart of this additional paid content.

Release date and price of Operation Guns DLC

It won't be long before you can enjoy all the new content in the Operation Guns DLC. It will be available on PC, mobile and consoles, from 9 May. This is paid DLC, which will be available for €2.49 in the various shops.

Vampire Survivors packs a lot of new features into this DLC

Contra is a mythical run & gunwhich features Bill Rizer and Lance BeanTwo elite commandos on a mission to save humanity, which is under threat from the Red Falcon Organization. The title is a little like Broforce, at least in terms of the American-badass-explosions. Initially designed for arcade terminals, Contra was subsequently released on NES, Playstation 2 and Switch. Even more recently, KONAMI has released Contra: Operation Galugaa reimagined and updated version available on PC and consoles.

All new characters - DLC Operation Guns - Vampire Survivors
All known characters from the Operation Guns DLC

In the near future, the series will be getting a second revival this year, as it lands in Vampire Surivors, on 9 May. Unsurprisingly, Bill, Lance and Ariana will also be on board. Other key characters from the game will also be present, as the Operation Guns DLC will bring a total of 11 new survivors. And it's a safe bet that Poncle will have hidden one or two characters, much to our delight!

Most of the characters will offer advantages in terms of cross-stats for players who like to min-max, and will be able to find special accessories typical of the Contra series, such as grenades or rapid fire.


Similarly, this DLC will contain several iconic weapons from the Contra series, such as the assault rifle, the sniper and the Machine Gun. With 22 new facilitiesWith 11 basic weapons and 11 upgrades, there's plenty of fun to be had. Especially as the studio states only "not all of them are guns, because some of them set off explosions". !

All new weapons - Operation Guns DLC - Vampire Survivors
All the weapons in the Operation Guns DLC

This additional content is big in every sense of the word! As well as new characters and new gear, it will contain a new mapchristened NeoGaluga. As was the case with Mt Moonspell, Lake Foscari and Polus Replica, we can expect a massive map, made up of a number of distinct zones, including a tropical forest and a city (ghost?).

There will also be a bonus levelwhich could well be a kind of motorbike race, as we can see in the trailer. What's more, the studio itself has indicated that "the ridiculous level of racing seen in the trailer is real and will be playable!"

New stage - Vampire Survivors - Operation Guns DLC
Time to save NeoGaluga!
New bonus stage - Vampire Survivors - Operation Guns DLC
A little jaunt?

And that's not all: when you buy this DLC, you'll also get 6 new chapters explosives for Vampire Survivors Adventures modeas well as a dozen new songs from the Contra titles and six exclusive new sounds.

A new free update is coming soon

Spoiler alert. Operation Guns will indeed be a paying game, but new free content is also in the pipeline. We should even have a free update at the end of the month. The first details are already available on the Vampire Survivors Discord server. As a result, we know that it will contain :

  • A Challenge level, called Laboratory.
  • A character called Santa Ladonna.
  • New weapons, Santa Javelin/Seraphic Cry and a new liability, Arma Dio.

There will also be a new bonus level a bit special, designed for fun, in which the player "will not be able to stop moving altogether".. We can't wait to try it all out! And we'll be sure to bring you more guides in the near future.