Vampire Survivors

NoClip publishes a Making Of of Vampire Survivors

Even though Vampire Survivors is an extremely popular game, little is known about its genesis or its creator. The channel NoClipwhich specialises in making-of video games, decided to take an interest in the subject and devote one of its videos to it.

If Vampire Survivors is shrouded in mystery, it's largely due to its creator, Luca GalanteHe is very careful to preserve his image and his private life. He did, however, agree to answer NoClip's questions by telephone and to be replaced by a vampire puppet (after all, why not?).

In this documentary, we learn how Galante, a young Italian expatriate in England, spent his days working for a major British company and his nights working on an independent RPG project. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to develop small prototypes to pass the time and have fun. So he bought himself some rudimentary development environments, which were cheap to create.

Inspired by mobile gaming Magical SurvivalHe created a version of the game by collecting free visuals reminiscent of Castlevania from an image bank. Vampire Survivors was born.

Seduced by the prototype's austere rendering, he decided to develop this deceptively retro style and stick with it. The relative ugliness of the game is perfectly deliberate, and remains an important component of the game to this day.

By releasing the prototype on Itch.ioGalante was disappointed by the lack of public interest in his project. So he decided to release it on Steam, à 3€. A price he describes as not the best possible price, but the fairest price in view of the production value of the project. Being used to playing games for hundreds of hours after paying just a few euros for them thanks to Steam sales seemed normal to him.

Just when Galante had given up thinking about it and went back to his day job, Vampire Survivors began to find its audience on Steam, following a video by the YouTubeur Splattercatgaming. Sales are taking off faster and faster. Enough to consider devoting more time to the game. Once the success was confirmed, Galante surrounded himself with developers, graphic designers and community managers to support him, while he could content himself with creating ever more content and both free and paid DLC.

NoClip's documentary goes into much more detail on the various subjects, and we urge you to watch it for yourself.