Vampire Survivors

Weapons and upgrades in Vampire Survivors' Tides of the Foscari DLC

Intrepid Survivor, you've completed the Vampire Survivors base maps, defeated a thousand and one creatures in the Mount Moonspell Valley, and now you've decided to explore the Lake Foscari region of the DLC Tides of the Foscari. The map is not the only new feature, as various new weapons and upgrades have been introduced. You can find all the information about them in this guide.

The recipes for Weapons and Evolutions in one image

Sometimes a picture is more relevant than a lot of words. Here is a quick summary of the different recipes for evolving certain weapons in the Tides of the Foscari DLC. You will find the details of each in the next section.

Weapon combos from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

In the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, you can get eight new weapons. Here is the list:

  • Excuzzibur, who evolves into a Legionnaire,
  • Prismatic Missile, which evolves into Luminaire,
  • Shadow Servant, who evolves into Ophion,
  • Flash Arrow, who evolves into a Millionaire,
  • SpellString, SpellStream and SpellStrike, which merge into SpellStorm,
  • Party Popper, which does not evolve.


Excuzzibur icon - vampire survivors

Excuzzibur is a powerful sharp blade. When using this weapon, your hero will strike forward. The equipment benefits a bonus Interesting: as soon as the sword reaches level 5, a new attack appears. Your champion can then crush the ground with a powerful blow, which inflicts zone damage.

It is all the more effective when combined with to the Duplicator and at the Spinach.

Level 1. Attacks nearby enemies. Gets revenge.
Level 2. +1 Projectile
Level 3. Damage +5
Level 4. Range increased by 10%; Damage +5
Level 5. Activates a combo every five attacks
Level 6. Range increased by 10%; Damage +5
Level 7. Damage +5
Level 8. Damage +10

Legionnaire icon - vampire survivors

Excuzzibur may be merged in Legionnaire, a pair of particularly dangerous blades. To do this, you will need to raise the basic weapon to the maximum level, as well as the Armor asset. Legionnaire allows you to inflict slashes on opponents all around your champion. In addition, this equipment summons clone groups of the played hero. These clones advance at high speed and inflict damage on all the enemies they encounter on their way.

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Flash Arrow

Flash arrow icon - vampire survivors

Flash Arrow is probably the hardest weapon to pick up in this DLC, as it doesn't fire a single weapon. one and only one arrow in the direction you are looking. This skill is even more complex as it has a rather long cooldown and requires a lot of precision. On the other hand, each arrow can eliminate several enemies simultaneously.

The Duplicator is a good way to increase power. However, the ability will not send out more arrows; it is the damage that will be increased.

Level 1. Fires persistent projectiles
Level 2. +1 Projectile; Range +10%
Level 3. Damage +3; Cooldown reduced by 0.2s
Level 4. +1 Projectile; Range +10%
Level 5. Damage +3; Cooldown reduced by 0.2s
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Range +10%
Level 7. Damage +3; Cooldown reduced by 0.2s
Level 8. +1 Projectile

Millionaire icon - vampire survivors

To obtain MillionaireThe evolution of Flash Arrow, you'll have to be patient. Fusion requires not one but two more ingredients. You'll need, Flash Arrow, Bracer and Clover to the maximum level. While this is a tedious task, it's well worth the effort, as Millionaire is extremely powerful. You keep Flash Arrow's initial arrow, but you also get a shower of bullets when you collect gold, purses or eliminate a creature with the tip. We recommend that you to use the Arcanum VII to maximise damage.

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Prismatic Missile

Prismatic Missile icon - vampire survivors

A true source of power, the Prismatic Missile causes coloured missiles to appear and spin from the top of the screen. They move to the area occupied by your character at the time of their genesis, and then explode. Several enemies can be hit by the same attack.

From the beginning of the game, this weapon can be affected by the ArcanaII, XIV and XIX. However, only the first selection will have an effect.

In addition, we recommend the use of of the Dplicator and the Empty Tome in order to take advantage of even more damage.

Level 1. Create explosions around the character
Level 2. +1 Projectile; Range +40%
Level 3. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 4. Cooldown reduced by 0.3s
Level 5. +1 Projectile; Range +40%
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 7. Cooldown reduced by 0.3s
Level 8. +1 Projectile; Range +40%

Luminaire icon - vampire survivors

To develop the missile in Millionaireyou will need the Crown at maximum level. With this new weapon, you will be able to hit all the enemies visible on the screen with each attack. The attack takes the form of vertical rainbow beams that shoot out from the top of the screen. It is devastating, but a little slow.

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Party Popper

Party Popper icon - vampire survivors

Party Popper is the perfect equipment to party on the battlefield. This weapon sends an explosion of confetti and fireworks in the direction of the character. Each shot can hit several enemies.

This weapon does not evolve.

Level 1. Throw festive bouncing projectiles.
Level 2. Duration of effect +0.5s
Level 3. Firing speed +20%
Level 4.Damage +10
Level 5. Duration of effect +0.5s
Level 6. Firing speed +20%
Level 7. Damage +10
Level 8. Duration of effect +1s

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Shadow Servant

Shadow Servant icon - vampire survivors

Thanks to the Shadow ServantIn Vampire Survivors you can summon snakes. Each reptile attacks an enemy at random and deals damage when it explodes.

This weapon is very effective and interesting, as any enemy hit by the blast is permanently slowed down.

The Candelabrador, as has the Empty Tome can be nice passive objects to associate with it.

Level 1. Can potentially slow down enemies
Level 2. +1 Projectile
Level 3. Damage +10
Level 4. Damage +10
Level 5. Range +50%
Level 6. +1 Projectile
Level 7. Damage +10
Level 8. Damage +10

Ophion icon - vampire survivors

Its evolution is entitled Ophion. This generates orbs of black, immobile energy, which explode after a time, inflicting damage on all nearby enemies.

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Spellstring icon - vampire survivors

The SpellString is the first spell you discover with Eleanor Uzinor. It allows you to hit a nearby enemy with a kind of bluish magic lightning.

To maximize the damage of this weapon, we strongly recommend the use of the BracerThis is because the damage is multiplied by the Speed of the projectiles.

Level 1. Hits nearby enemies. The damage is multiplied by Speed.
Level 2. +1 Projectile
Level 3. +1 Projectile; Damage +1
Level 4. +1 Projectile
Level 5. +1 Projectile; Damage +1
Level 6. +1 Projectile

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Spellstream icon - vampire survivors

The second spell you will find in this DLC is none other than SpellStream. No lightning bolt in sight, but an expandable magic zone that focuses on the opponent closest to your hero.

Like the SpellString, this spell takes advantage of a multiplication of damages according to a precise characteristic. Here, it is the range that interests you, so favour Candelabrador.

Level 1. Create an expanding damage zone. Damage is multiplied by the Range
Level 2. Range +20%; Damage +5
Level 3. Range +20%; Effect duration +0.3s
Level 4. Range +20%; Damage +5
Level 5. Range +20%; Effect duration +0.3s
Level 6. Range +20%; Damage +5

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Spellstrike icon - vampire survivors

The SpellStrike is Eleanor's third and final spell. When you use it, your character casts an area on the nearest enemy.

Like SpellString and SpellStream, the damage is influenced by a particular characteristic. You have to maximise your Might. For this purpose, Torrona's Box could be useful, but if a little dangerous.

Level 1. Hits the nearest enemy. Damage multiplied by Might
Level 2. Cooldown reduced by 0.3s
Level 3. Damage +40
Level 4. Cooldown reduced by 0.3s
Level 5. Damage +40
Level 6. Cooldown reduced by 0.3s

Spellstorm icon - vampire survivors

The three previous weapons do not have an evolution as such. However, when you have them all and they have reached the maximum level, you can merge them in SpellStorm. It is a tedious job, but well worth it. Not only because the damage is significant, but also because the merger frees up two weapon slots in your inventory.

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