Vampire Survivors

Weapons and upgrades in Vampire Survivors' Emergency Meeting DLC

The new DLC Emergency Meeting of Vampire Survivors has introduced some interesting new weapons, some of them very powerful. In this guide, we'll explain how they work, and tell you how to upgrade them. As you'll see, some upgrades are quite chaotic!

The recipes for Weapons and Evolutions in one image

Sometimes an image is more relevant than a multitude of words. Here's a quick summary of the different recipes for upgrade certain weapons in the Emergency Meeting DLC. Details of each are given in the next section.

Combo - Weapons and upgrades - Emergency Meeting DLC - Vampire Survivors

In the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, you can pick up fifteen new weapons. Here is the list:

  • Clear Debris, which has evolved into Clear Asteroids,
  • Just Vent, which has evolved into Unjust Ejection,
  • Lifesign Scan, which has evolved into Paranormal Scan,
  • Lucky Swipe, who plays Crossed Wires,
  • Report! has evolved into Emergency Meeting,
  • Science Rocks, which is evolving into Rocket Science,
  • Sharp Tongue, evolving into Impostongue,
  • Hats, which is not evolving.

Clear Debris

Clear Debris - Vampire Survivors

Clear Debris is certainly the most difficult weapon to use in this DLC. It drops debris from the top of the screen in a fairly small column. Enemies hit by the debris suffer damage. The location is random, so it's pretty hard to count on the damage it causes.

If this is your only weapon, we recommend that you quickly acquire a second source of damage.

Level 1. Drop debris on the map
Level 2. Duration of effect +0.5s; Passes through 2 additional enemies
Level 3. Damage +2 ; Speed +30%
Level 4. Duration of effect +0.5s; Passes through 2 additional enemies
Level 5. Damage +2 ; Speed +30%
Level 6. Duration of effect +0.5s; Passes through 2 additional enemies
Level 7. +5 Projectiles; Damage +2
Level 8. +5 Projectiles; Passes through 2 additional enemies

Clear Asteroids - Vampire Survivors

To get your hands on Clear Asteroidswhich is nothing other than the evolution of Clear Debris, you need to mount Clear Asteroids and the Mini Guardian at maximum level. This evolution is very useful when you're cornered by opponents, as it does significant zone damage.

Just Vent

Just Vent - Vampire Survivors

Just Vent is a rather amusing weapon, inspired by the air ducts in Among Us. This weapon causes a number of holes to appear in the ground, sucking up any enemies that pass through their area of action.

Thanks to the DuplicatorYou can increase the number of traps on the ground and quietly watch as one enemy after another hands you crystals.

Level 1. Creates ducts that suck in enemies
Level 2. Use of a +1 conduit
Level 3. Range +50%
Level 4. Use of a +2 conduit
Level 5. Cooldown reduced by 1s
Level 6. Use of a +2 conduit
Level 7. Range +50%
Level 8. Use of a +2 conduit

Unjust Ejection - Vampire Survivors

To acquire Unjust EjectionIf you want to upgrade Just Vent, you need to raise it to maximum level, and do the same with the Mini Shapeshifter. This evolution is formidable, allowing you to eliminate a huge number of enemies in one go. Once activated, the ship's doors - a reference to Among Us - open and any opponents who pass through are sent into the void of space. Bumps and Death are not affected, however.

Lifesign Scan

Lifesign Scan - Vampire Survivors

Lifesign Scan is not strictly speaking a weapon, as it cannot damage enemies. It is a piece of support equipment that allows you to regain your health.

If you use Arcana, we recommend that you take number 6 - Sarabande of Healing - to inflict damage as well as healing you.

We also invite you to pick up the Duplicator, and the PummarolaThis is because the higher the Amount and Recovery statistics, the more care is provided.

Level 1. Restore your tickets
Level 2. +1 Projectile; Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 3. Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 4. +1 Projectile; Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 5. Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 7. Cooldown reduced by 2s
Level 8. Cooldown reduced by 3s

Paranormal Scan - Vampire Survivors

Always with the idea of helping you survive and progress in your game, Paranormal ScanThe Lifesign Scan offers you a random stat bonus from time to time. To get it, you need to mount the Lifesign Scan and the Mini Ghost at maximum level.

Lucky Swipe

Lucky Swipe - Vampire Survivors

Lucky Swipe is not so much a lucky weapon. In fact, it's a fairly complex piece of equipment to use. When it's activated, it generates an access card that makes more or less round trips, as in the dedicated task in the Among Us game.

You must obtain the Duplicator and Candelabrador to make the most of it.

Level 1. Generates an access card that inflicts damage on enemies it touches
Level 2. Range +25%
Level 3. Damage +5 ; Speed +10%
Level 4. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 5. Damage +5 ; Speed +10%
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 7. Damage +5 ; Speed +10%
Level 8. +1 Projectile; Range +25%

Crossed Wires - Vampire Survivors

Lucky Swipe evolves into Crossed Wires. To get it, you need to mount Lucky Swipe and the Mini Engineer at maximum level. Once again, an Among Us task is behind the operation of this weapon: cables of different colours connect together and inflict damage as they go.


Report! - Vampire Survivors

Thanks to the Report!With the megaphone, you attack the enemies in front of you, a bit like the Whip. The megaphone generates sound waves in front of your character, which hit all the enemies they pass through. Not only do these waves damage the creatures, they also repel them.

Level 1. Creates sound waves that inflict damage and cause affected enemies to retreat
Level 2. Damage +10
Level 3. Knockback +10
Level 4. Damage +10
Level 5. Knockback +10
Level 6. Damage +10
Level 7. Knockback +10
Level 8. Damage +10

Emergency Meeting - Vampire Survivors

Its evolution is called Emergency Meetingin reference to the big red button available in Among Us. This is a particularly powerful development. From time to time, all enemies of the same type are considered imposters and are instantly annihilated. To obtain it, you need to raise Report! and the Mini Crewmate at maximum level.

Science Rocks

Science Rocks - Vampire Survivors

Science Rocks is not the easiest weapon to use. When it's activated, it generates several minerals that fall to the ground not far from your character. They don't do any damage on their own, so you have to step on them to make them explode.

Your character doesn't suffer any damage from the explosion, but you do have to play risky to hit the creatures around you. However, the trade-off is that you can inflict damage on several targets simultaneously.

To get the most out of this weapon, we recommend using the Spinach, of the Duplicatorand the Candelabrador.

Level 1. Throws radioactive minerals at the ground, which explode when you touch them
Level 2. +1 Projectile; Range +30%
Level 3. +1 Projectile
Level 4. +1 Projectile; Range +30%
Level 5. +1 Projectile
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Range +30%
Level 7. +1 Projectile
Level 8. +1 Projectile; Damage +5

Rocket Science - Vampire Survivors

Science Rocks evolves into Rocket Sciencean even more powerful and chaotic weapon. It causes numbered squares to appear on the ground. Follow the order to unleash chaos on the map! To get it, you need to climb Science Rocks and the Mini Scientist at maximum level.

Sharp Tongue

Sharp Tongue

The Sharp Tongue is particularly powerful. This weapon simply uses your character's tongue as a tool to fight evil. The tongue is directed at enemies in front of you, at a fairly good distance.

We recommend the use of Duplicator to acquire other languages, as well as the Pummarola since the weapon works even better the higher your recovery.

Also, if you're using Arcana, take number 1 - Gemini - you'll get the Silver Tongue.

Level 1. Attacks enemies facing you. Damage is multiplied by Recovery,
Level 2. +1 Projectile; Range +20%,
Level 3. Damage +10,
Level 4. +1 Projectile; Range +20%,
Level 5. Damage +10,
Level 6. +1 Projectile; Range +20%,
Level 7. Damage +10,
Level 8. Range +20%,

Impostongue - Vampire Survivors

Its evolution is entitled Impostongue. This occasionally generates a giant laser shot that hits all enemies in its area of effect. To obtain it, you need to mount the Sharp Tongue and the Mini Impostor at maximum level.


Hats - Vampire Survivors

Hats is an interesting weapon that uses accessories - notably hats - to defeat enemies. In fact, it sends elements to creatures near your Survivor, which bounce off the targets.

We recommend that you use the Duplicator to obtain even more projectiles, as well as the Spinach to maximise your damage.

Level 1. Throw cute projectiles with random properties
Level 2. Range +10%; Effect duration +0.4s,
Level 3. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 4. Range +10%; Effect duration +0.4s,
Level 5. +1 Projectile; Damage +5
Level 6. Range +10%; Effect duration +0.4s,
Level 7. +1 Projectile; Damage +5

This weapon does not evolve.