Vampire Survivors

New Vampire Survivors DLC is called Tides of the Foscari

The phenomenon Vampire Survivors continues to be in the news. Created by Luca Galante as a hobby project, the title recently received BAFTA for best play of the year. And we're going to hear more about this title, as a new DLC has been announced recently. Entitled Tides of the FoscariThis latest release brings new weapons, characters, and a mysterious and magical map. You will be able to walk on the lands of Lake Foscari from 13 April .

Afterwards, the DLC Legacy of the Moonspellwith over 1500 extremely positive reviews on the Steam platform and a full port of the game on mobileponcle did not intend to stop there. The studio plans to add new content in the future. With this in mind, a second DLC, for a fee, was revealed a few days ago. And it promises to be very interesting!

A world full of magic

Vampire Survivors - Tides of the Foscari DLC Map - Lake Foscari

Tides of the Foscari takes players into a world filled with magic and secrets! What's more, the developers mention a school, the Foscari Academydedicated "To the formidable magicians, the tireless soldiers and the skilled wool pullers in the making".. Players will be able to play as students from one of the three available housesThese include the Scarlet Anvil, the Azure Tower and the Amber Sickle, or legendary beings; a scenario not unlike that of Harry Potter.

With one or other of the characters, which we will see in the next section, you will have the opportunity to go through Lake Foscarithe new map that comes with the DLC. Like Mount Moonspell, it is huge and divided into several distinct areas. We can already see labyrinths, forests, a large lake and what could be the Academy itself.

Lake Foscari Map - Tides of the Foscari DLC - Vampire Survivors

Face off against strange creatures

Some more precise images also reveal the presence of a brand new bestiaryThe story is based on a variety of characters, including murderous trees, gnomes, mutant rats, walking fish, scarecrows, water dragons and even bloody knights.

Water dragons in the new Vampire Survivors DLC.
Unique creatures in the new Vampire Survivors DLC.
Murderous trees in the new Vampire Survivors DLC.
Mutant rats in new Vampire Survivors DLC

In addition, on one of the screenshots, we can see a purple box. It may contain a powerful weapon. It could also be a coloured clue to determine in which chest the players will get a better booty.

New characters...

As mentioned above, there will be new Survivors in this DLC. In total, it will bring 8 characters. If we already know 4 of them for the moment, the other 4 will be discovered once the game is in hands:

  • Eleanor is the shy model student of the Academy, which is part of the Azure Tower House.
  • Maruto is a very muscular superman and the current undefeated champion of the Scarlet Anvil house.
  • Keitha is an adventurer at heart, cunning and playful, who is part of the Amber Sickle.
  • Luminaire is a powerful ancient witch, known as the Lady of the Lake or Mistress of the Trees.

We will be dealing with how to obtain them in the near future.

... and new weapons!

As with the majority of Survivors in Vampire Survivors, they have their own initial characteristics and weapons. So it's not surprising that this DLC also brings new ways to attack. Warriors and other seasoned mages will benefit from 13 other weapons to defeat magical creatures of Lake Foscari.

For example, Eleanor has a well-stocked textbook with a lot of knowledge about magic, entitled SpellString. Maruto travels the enchanted kingdom with his famous sword, Excuzziburinitially made by her uncle as a joke. Ketiha, as a vivacious and precise hunter, uses the power of her bow to Flash arrows to pierce the knees of enemies. The Lady of the Lake, on the other hand, has a unique power contained in the Prismatic MissileThis was given to her by the spirits to thank her for protecting nature.

And as if all this wasn't enough, poncle has planned to immerse you completely in this universe through 7 new music tracks, which we assume will be epic!