Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors' Adventure mode revealed in video

After the recent Whiteout updateponcle is already unveiling the contents of the forthcoming 1.8 version of Vampire Survivors. From the next patch, all owners of the game will be able to take part in new challenges in Adventure mode. How it works, stories, Survivors, we explain it all in detail.

The Adventures mode is nothing new in itself. We've been aware of its existence for several months now, since poncle had slipped in a screenshot in the Vampire Survivors 1.6 patch notes. The studio had also confirmed its imminent arrival in the game during the previous update, even specifying that "If all goes well, the adventures patch will be available on every platform in less than a month". 

And everything seems to be going well. Today, the developers have unveiled some new information in a trailer, including an FAQ. As announced, the Adventures mode is based on elements already present in the game, but is quite distinct from it. It offers new opportunities to rediscover the title and its subtleties.

When you launch Adventure mode, you can take part in three unique stories, "that reset and remix the game's content, following survivors through a series of zany side quests". One of them, 'Legacy of the Moonspell', will require the DLC to be played, while the other two will be accessible free of charge if you own the game. These are called "A Garlic Paradise" and "World of Light and Dark".

There will be three adventures available when the mode launches

Now let's go into a little more detail. An adventure is divided into several chapters, that you'll need to unlock to progress through the story. In each chapter, you'll have access to different Survivors and specific weapons, but not to all the content you potentially unlocked in the base game.

Whereas normally you just have to survive as long as possible here, it will be necessary to meet certain victory criteria in order to win. poncle gives the example of surviving a certain period of time or reaching a quota of eliminations.

What's more, it seems possible to play and replay the stories almost indefinitely. Once you've completed an adventure, you'll be able to starting from scratch for a new challenge. Resetting your progress will give you an Ascension pointThese can be spent to make the adventure more rewarding. For example, you can increase the level of Luck or Curse. So there's plenty to keep you entertained for a while!

But we still need unlock this famous Adventure mode... The story mode won't be available straight away, especially if you're new to Vampire Survivors. You'll need to acquire the Atlas Gate relicwhich will appear on the Boss Rash card, after 7 minutes of play.

At present, the studio has not given a definitive release date, but the wait shouldn't be very long. We can't wait to play it! Dedicated guides will be available shortly.