Vampire Survivors

The Free Whiteout Update for Vampire Survivors is now available

Announced a few weeks agothe free update to Vampire Survivors, entitled Whiteoutis now available. It brings with it a brand new playground, a new survivor and a few other new features. We'll tell you everything you need to know in this article. Spoiler alert!

When patch 1.6 has been deployed, Poncle has indicated that it intends to resume a more regular rhythm of updates, in order to offer even more additional content, particularly free of charge. The studio took the opportunity to reveal some information about Whiteoutthe next Vampire Survivors update.

This is how we learned a new card would be available to everyone, just like a new survivorShe-Moon. You won't have to wait much longer to complete your collection of characters, version 1.7 is now available for download.

However, to get your hands on She-Moon Eeta and her Glass Fandangoyou will first need to unlock the Whiteout card. There's nothing really complicated about it, as all you have to do is collect 20 Orologions over several games - it's even quite possible that you've already completed this task in the past. Before embarking on this quest for nothing, we recommend that you start a game and quit after a few seconds. If you've already reached the quota, you'll get the achievement and the card.

Unlock She-Moon Eeta in Vampire Survivors
Shee-Moon Eeta is cursed!

Whiteout is a vast, snowy, icy land with a few trees and caves. One of these caves contains a new relic, l'Antidotewhich allows you to buy the Defang power-up. A second relic makes its appearance with this update, the Chaos Altemannabut this one is on Tiny Bridge. It allows O'Sole to evolve when he reaches level 80.

Wander around Whiteout for a while, and as time goes by you'll come across a variety of creatures, including skulls, ghosts, golems and even huge mystical foxes. Also.., beware of snowmenThey're not as nice as they look...

Example of enemies available on Whiteout in Vampire Survivors

While all this new content is already interesting, poncle is thinking even bigger for a forthcoming update to Vampire Survivors. In a previous article, we mentioned Adventure mode and according to the press release for patch 1.7, this feature was due to be released with Whiteout. However, the studio has decided to postpone its release to ensure that everything is perfect for deployment.

The adventures will be a sort of remixed version of the gamewhich will feature a redesigned progression and new descriptions. poncle specifies that "If all goes well, the adventures patch will be available on every platform in less than a month". We can't wait!