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How to unlock Yatta Cavallo ? - Vampire Survivors

In Vampire SurvivorsIn this game you can unlock different characters, both normal and secret. In total, there are over 30 heroes you can play as. In this guide, we explain how to get Cavallo. This panda may not be as cute as you might think...

The characteristics of Yatta Cavallo

Vampire Survivors - Cavallo

Cavallo is one of the many characters normal available in Vampire Survivors. Like Mortaccio, he benefits from a projectile quantity bonus. Thus, he receives an extra projectile every 20 levels until level 60, which means a total of +3 projectiles if you reach this stage.

Its main weapon is quite unique: it is the Cherry Bomb. This one sends a small bomb in a random direction, which will bounce off the enemies as well as the edges of the screen. Explosion is not an obligationespecially at the beginning of the game. However, at higher levels, and by accumulating bombs simultaneously, this weapon is very effective!

Since version 1.5, Yatta Cavallo can evolve when it reaches level 80. Thanks to the Chaos Rosalia, his initial weapon is transformed into the Chaos Rosalia. in Yatta Daikarin. You'll find this relic in the northern part of the Astral Stair map.

Unlocking Yatta Cavallo

Lionhead - Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock CavalloThere are no 36,000 solutions. You simply have to slaughter a certain number of specific monsters. If Mortaccio requires you to slaughter 3,000 skeletons, the gentle panda requires the death of 3,000 lion heads.

These only appear on the map Inlaid Labrary. Overall, you will have to wait 10-11 minutes of play before you see them appear on the screen. Note: the life of these creatures depends on your level.

Once you have reached the quota, Cavallo will be visible in the selection menu. All you have to do is buy it for a total of 500 gold.

That's it for this guide! Enjoy your new character. The colourful explosions will brighten up your games, you'll see. If you want to expand your character collection, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.