Vampire Survivors

How do I unlock the Vampire Survivors maps?

If you have reached this point, it is undoubtedly because you began your journey in Vampire Survivors. After a few games on Mad Forest, you would probably like to discover other levels. Well, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we give you all the information you need about the different maps in the game, but also how to unlock them.

Polus Replica - The Emergency Meeting DLC map

Vampire Survivors - Polus Replica - Map

"On a mysterious scientific station in the middle of the stars, survival is far from assured. Alien evil and isodimensional duplicity lurk behind every planet, every asteroid, every pebble."

Polus Replica is the special map added to Vampire Survivors with the Emergency Meeting DLC. The map is a faithful replica of the Polus card from Among Us. It features a number of different areas and buildings, including the entrance to the spaceship, the laboratory and the central hall.

You'll find a number of interesting features, including the Polus Replica Mapwhich lets you access the full map from the pause menu, as well as the coffin of Crewmate Dino, one of the characters in the DLC.

During a game, you'll come up against a variety of creatures, including large rats with spears, robots of all kinds and giant baby heads. All over the map, you'll also find suspicious objects - they are actually creatures - that allow you to unlock the Horse.

In addition, Lifesign Scan is on the floor of the laboratory, and once you've reached the maximum level, you'll get the Paranormal Scan, as well as the character called Ghost.

Polus Replica Card - Vampire Survivors - Emergency Meeting DLC

Tides of the Foscari DLC maps

Lake Foscari

Vampire Survivors - Tides of the Foscari DLC Map - Lake Foscari

"An enchanted forest filled with magical mysteries, mythological entities and creatures straight out of an RPG bestiary. Come and experience an ordinary, no-holds-barred adventure."

Lake Foscari is the card brought by the second DLC from Vampire Survivors, entitled Tides of The Foscari. While Mount Moonspell was cloaked in snow, this map is covered in vegetation. It's huge and has several distinct areasThese include a sort of magical village (similar to a hobbit village), mazes, a huge lake and a muddy area. These areas are useful for Unlock Eleanor, Maruto and Keithathe three students of the Foscari Academy.

Of course, as a magical and mystical area, it is full of secrets. There is a hidden area where you can easily complete the challenge to Unlock Sammy the Caterpillar. Other challenges will open your voice to Abyss FoscariA dark and strange map that houses several characters.

Lake Foscari Map - Tides of the Foscari DLC - Vampire Survivors

Abyss Foscari

Vampire Survivors - Tides of the Foscari DLC Map - Abyss Foscari

"In ancient times, these underground ruins were sealed by Luminaire to lock up the darkness. They are accessible, as are the forces of evil within them."

Abyss Foscar is the second map available in the Tides of The Foscari DLC of Vampire Survivors. It can be obtained by destroying the Seal of The LakeA huge green crystal with Keitha Muort's advanced weapon. This card is governed by a rather particular operation, since enemies move in fits and starts and not continuously.

Unlike the Lake Foscari area, this area is particularly dark. You can generally move in all directions, but will be restricted by inaccessible void areas. Also, you do not have access to the whole map from the start.

There are no relics in sight, but there are several interesting (and very interesting) characters to unlock. Abyss Foscari is home to two other crystals. The red one, Seal of the AbyssThis is the only way to unlock Luminaire and the other half of the map after destruction with Maruto. A blue one, Seal of the Banishedwhich unlocks Genevieve, and which requires Eleanor to be destroyed.

By reducing the Seal of the Banished to dust, you will release, I-Ne-Vivthe foul chimera sealed by the crystal. You will have the opportunity to fight it in a very difficult battle. To obtain it, you will have to complete a challenge with Genevieve during another game.

The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC map

Mount Moonspell

Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell - Mount Moonspell

"The ancestral home of a fallen clan, now infested with yôkais and other onis. Night triumphs in this sunless world."

Mount Moonspell is the card brought by the first DLCentitled Legacy of the Moonspell. Unlike the other maps in the game, this one features separate areaswith a variety of creatures. You can move around fairly freely in the level, to explore the castle, the village, a labyrinth, agricultural plots or the snowy mountains.

Mt Moonspell Map - Legacy of the Moonspell DLC - Vampire Survivors

By joining the Frozen LakeIn the northwestern part of the country you will find the Kappasuseful monsters to get the monster Gav'Et-Oni. Mount Moonspell is full of surprises, including the coffin of Miang Moonspellone of the eight survivors of the DLC.

The main maps

Level 1 - Mad Forest

Vampire Survivors - Mad Forest

"The Castle is a lie. But there's still free roast chicken around here, so it's all good."

Mad Forest is the first card available. It has therefore no need to be unlocked. Characterised by a vast forest, this map is lush green! You can move in any direction, as there are no spatial constraints.

Enemies have the same advantage as you do, so they can attack from below, above, right or left. So you'll need to be especially careful, especially when large groups of bats or werewolves are charging at you!

Moreover, it is thanks to this card that you can unlock two characters: Marrabioa secret character, and Pugnalaone of the 24 normal characters in the game.

Level 2 - Inlaid Library

Vampire Survivors - Inlaid Library

"Quiet, this long library is the perfect place to rest, meditate and look for roast chicken. But why is there a stone mask here?"

The rest of your adventure in Vampire Survivors will also take you from the not so quiet, Inlaid Library. Beyond its beautiful appearance, this card has a very special feature: it is horizontal! This means that enemies will only appear on your right or left, so you don't have to check four corners at once.

However, the horizontality of the map may also work against you, as enemies will more easily accumulate in the same area, and you will have few possibilities to escape. In addition, Inlaid Library is a rather narrow map and is littered with desks and cupboards, which should make life even more difficult in the final minutes of the game. To counterbalance this difficulty, you can take advantage of a 25% movement speed bonus.

To test your agility in the library, you must reach level 20 in Mad ForestIf you don't, you won't be able to unlock this second card, and consequently the following ones.

On the map you will find the coffin of the first vampire, that of Giovanna. This vampire/witch uses a unique weapon, which is none other than a tabby cat!

Level 3 - Dairy Plant

Vampire Survivors - Dairy Plant

"The magic card hidden here might finally lead us to a vampire, or at least more roast chicken."

The next level of Vampire Survivors takes you directly into the Dairy PlantA dairy full of monsters of all kinds. On this one, more spatial constraintsYou can now move up, down, right or left as you wish.

However, the card includes many obstacles These include various pipes, transport carts, milk tanks and even walls. Also, this map shows a new feature: the damned manhole covers. If you step on them, you'll get more enemies on the screen. So be careful where you step! In order to dodge the hordes of creatures, you will benefit from +25% of movement speed. In addition, the card offers a second interesting bonus, namely +20% of Gold.

To take advantage of this third card and make money, you will need to reach level 40 in Inlaid Library before.

Money isn't the only treasure you'll find in Dairy Plant, as you can get the Milky Way MapA map that will give you valuable information for your next games. Furthermore, it is in this dairy that you can unlock Poppea and Minnah.

Level 4 - Gallo Tower

Vampire Survivors - Gallo Tower

"This tower contains some great magical artifacts and historically accurate monsters."

If you have managed to reach level 60 on Dairy Plantthen your path continues through the floors of Gallo Tower. This dark tower is full of skeletons, flying skulls and evil dragons ready to take you down at any moment!

Didn't like the horizontal restriction in the library? Then you might not like Gallo Tower either! This time, your movements will be either upwards or downwards. You can still move from right to left and vice versa, but to a very limited extent. In addition, the central space in which you move is cut off by inaccessible areas, forcing you to constantly take a right or left turn. These narrow areas will become particularly critical at the end of the game. But, to reward your courage and your desire to win, the developer grants you a 25% movement speed bonus, as well as 30% gold.

Apart from the glory, this map will give you the opportunity to unlock two new characters: the vampire Concettaand the strange and monstrous Leda. Not only that, but you will also find some powerful artefacts: the Randomazzo and the Sorceress'Tears.

Level 5 - Cappella Magna

Vampire Survivors - Capella Magna

"Did we go too far? We could have just camped in the forest with all that chicken, but noooo, we had to go chase a vampire out of nowhere instead."

To unlock this map, there is no level to reach. You will have to complete a more complex challenge. In order to access Cappella Magnayou will need to complete the Lunar Eclipse event and get the Yellow Sign. This one occurs in the Moongolow map, which will be discussed later in the guide.

If the bonuses are particularly interesting, +40% of movement speed and GoldThis is no accident. As you enter this fifth map, you will face a new level of difficulty. The expansive chapel, floating in the sky, will require you to be more efficient; you will have to fight against powerful enemies, such as the Archangels, the Stages Killers or Trinacria. This map has an interesting feature: if you destroy certain windows, you will make light appear, which inflicts damage on your enemies.

On this card you will be able to get the character called Zi'Assuntaand obtain the invaluable Great Gospel, a sacred book capable of removing the level limit from weapons.

Bonus cards

Il Molise

Vampire Survivors - Il Molise

"There are places that don't exist. Come and relax and enjoy life. See you in the countryside."

Despite the description, Il Molise is real. It is one of three special cards in Vampire Survivors. To get your hands on it, you'll need to unlock Hyper Mode for one of the five previous maps. Killing the Giant Blue Venus in Mad Forest (the plant appears at 25 minutes)You should be able to do this easily.

Visually, this map is similar to Mad Forest, but in practice, it is quite different. The first particularity is that the game only lasts 15 minutesthe second is that the enemies do not moveand the third is thatthey have an additional 60% of life.

Be careful, if they are immobile, the enemies still represent a real difficulty. As you slaughter the plants, they reappearAll around you. And if you had a rather comfortable space at the beginning of the game, it quickly becomes cramped. Plus, with the +25% movement speed bonus, you'll tend to run into these enemies, just trying to make your way through...

Since you're essentially fighting plants, it's not so strange to unlock a plant character too. Indeed, Il Molise will allow you to obtain Peppino the Fir Tree !


Vampire Survivors - Moongolow

"When the moon is red and bright, the remains of a city sunken by the sea rise to the surface, bringing mystery and riches.

Moongolow is a very special bonus card. When you enter it for the first time, with a normal and not secret character, the Lunar Eclipse event is taking place.

The latter corresponds to a succession of events and waves of particular enemies (to help you, you will benefit from a 25% movement speed bonus). As time passes, the eclipse continues, and the map turns red little by little. After 14 minutes of play, you will face a boss: the Moon Trinacria. If you succeed in defeating it, you will automatically enter the the Hidden Ground cardin which you will be able to retrieve the Yellow Sign. Once you have completed this second map, the eclipse will never happen again.

Moreover, this aquatic-themed city is the home of a very special individual, namely the Merchant. The latter offers you the possibility of buying various elements directly during your games. If he only appears in this marine city at first, you will be able to invoke him later in the other maps, provided you have collected the Glass Vizard. This relic is available in Moongolow.

In order to unlock Moongolow, you will need to be a little persistent. Indeed, this level is only accessible on the following condition: have unlocked Hyper Mode for four of the five main maps.

Hidden Ground

Vampire Survivors - Holy Forbidden

"Wait, can you see that too? This is not normal..."

As you can see, the Hidden Ground is an important level in Vampire Survivors. It can only be accessed by successfully completing the Lunar Eclipse event on Moongolow.

This card, which lasts a maximum of five minutes, will allow you to retrieve the famous Yellow Signalready mentioned several times. To do this, you will have to show your bravery and survive in this long, cramped corridor. If you fight bats first, they will quickly turn into angelic creatures. You must succeed in taking over the RosaryAt the end of the hallway, you will have to press a button to clear the mass of enemies on the screen. When this is done, you can cross the wall in front of you to get the coveted item!

In addition to showing you all the hidden objects on the cards in each future game, the Yellow Sign is a must for access to the Cappella Magna. As soon as this card is unlocked, the Hidden Ground is no longer accessible.

Eudaimonia Machine

Vampire Survivors -Eudaimonia Machine

"A space between spaces. The end of something, or just another beginning? Tag, that's you."

To have the opportunity to walk on Eudaimonia MachineIn this game, you must first obtain all the initial relics in the game. Therefore, you will have to go through the different maps first or use cheat codes to acquire them.

This strange and surreal area will allow you to collect new relics: Gracia's Mirror and the Seventh Trumpet. To get your hands on the trumpet, you have to play the first game on the card and answer Too Hard to the question asked. If you choose the Too EasyYou get the mirror. Don't worry, you will automatically receive the other relic during your next run on the Eudaimoni Machine.


Vampire Survivors - Whiteout - Map

"Arctic mirages and recurring snowstorms make this great glacier inhospitable. However, we venture there in the hope of finding a weapon, a potion or a cursed woman who abhors hot springs."

Whiteout is the bonus map added to Vampire Survivors with the update of the same name. It's a snowy, icy zone containing a cursed character: She-Moon. As well as unlocking another Survivor, this card allows you to acquire a rather special potion, entitled Antidote.

If you take a stroll through Whiteout, you'll have the chance to destroy snowmen, fight giant skulls and pit your wits against White Foxes with mystical powers. Don't worry, most enemies are relatively slow.

To unlock this card, you need to have collected a total of 20 orologions over the course of your games. For the record, these are stopwatches that stop time for a given period.

Challenges cards

Astral Stair

Astral Stair - Vampire Survivors - Challenge Card

"A great road that leads to other worlds and dimensions. You shouldn't venture there, but you never listen to my advice anyway."

Astral Stair is a new card that appeared with version 1.5 of Vampire Survivors. It's an altered version of Inlaid Library, in which you are faced with temporary random eventsIt's a maze of rooms connected by huge wooden doors. A veritable labyrinth, it is made up of rooms connected by huge wooden doors.

To get your hands on this card, you'll need to have unlocked Inverse mode on Inlaid Library and reach level 80 with the character of your choice in a game in reverse mode on this map. If you want quick access to this level, you can also enter the code recyclethelibrary in the secret menu. For more information, see our guide to Forbidden Scrolls and cheat codes.

You will meet all sorts of strange creatures in its long cosmic corridors, including flying chairs and tableaux vivants, and even some of the game's other characters, like Sir Ambrojoe.

You can obtain various relics on Astral StairThere are a number of interesting features, starting with the layout of the card itself. However, it's not the most interesting of all. In this level, you'll discover Trisectionrelic that enables you to activate the "Randomize Minute Events on the other cards in the game, as well as the Chaos Rosaliawhich allows Yatta Cavallo to progress beyond level 80.

Green Acres

Vampire Survivors - Green Acres

"A place forbidden to mortals. There, every minute that passes makes fate waver."

Green Acres is the first real level that puts you to the test, and for good reason, all enemies have their lives multiplied by two. To make it to the 30 minutes and survive until the last moment, you'll need to be well prepared!

This map generates waves of enemies from the various maps already unlocked. Moreover, to access it, you will have to have unlocked Hyper Mode for 2 main maps at minimum. Since the challenge is already tough, you won't be restricted in space, it's actually the same map as Mad Forest.

A nice little bonus is that you can get the Magic Banger relic. Once collected, you will get a "music" menu in the level selection menu. This new menu allows you to choose any music in the game for your game, and change it!

The Bone Zone

Vampire Survivors - The Bone Zone

"Come over here and say your unholy vespers."

You think Green Acres was too easy? Then you will enjoy The Bone Zone. To access this new challenge, you must unlock Hyper Mode for three of the main maps.

In this dark and scary area, you will face waves of increasingly tough enemies. Indeed, your opponents get more life as time passes, as does their speed of movement and action. This is only the first difficulty. In Green Acres, you could find good roasted chickens, well that's not the case in The Bone Zone. So be careful not to lose too many health points. Fortunately, you are not limited in your movements and even benefit from a 25% movement speed bonusThis will make your job (a little) easier!

In fact, we advise you to head north. You will eventually come across a circle of flowers. By surviving in this circle for a while, you will unlock a character: Gains the Dragon.

Boss Rash

Vampire Survivors - Boss Rash

"Dear guests, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! Let's watch the survivors attempt to meet the challenge of recycled assets!"

The most courageous and reckless will be able to access a third hardcore level. This will require Hyper Mode for Mad Forest, Inlaid Labrary, Dairy Plant, Gallo Towet and Cappella Magna.

When it's done, be prepared, because Boss Rash is not for noobs! During 15 minutes, you will face hordes of enemies with double the lifeand which include a multitude of bumps from all levels of the game.

The other major difficulty is the map itself. Like a gladiator, you find yourself in a kind of arena, delimited by four walls, and rather narrow. This means that you don't have much room for manoeuvre when you are under attack.

If you are strong and efficient enough, you will reach the 15 minutes. Your efforts will be amply rewarded, as you will unlock Gyoruntonthe three-headed dragon! Be careful, you have to finish the level with only one weapon, otherwise it won't work.

Tiny Bridge

Vampire Survivors - Tiny Bridge

"Two opposing factions have suddenly stopped fighting on this small bridge. No doubt the source of this stop will prove harmless."

As the name suggests, when you deploy on Tiny Bridge, you find yourself on a very narrow bridge. If you are allowed to move up and down, your movements are still very limited. On the other handIt is possible to move freely to the left and right.

Obtaining Tiny Bridge is a bit complex, but quite feasible. You must first Unlock Eudaimonia Machinein order to take over of Gracia's Mirror. When this is done, use this relic to start a game on Gallo Tower Reverse. You then need to reach level 80. To make things easier, you can use the Seventh Trumpet to activate the Infinite mode at the same time. By doing so, you will avoid the Death attacks after thirty minutes of play. Once you have completed this task, you can end the game: Tiny Bridge will be available in the level selection menu.

Furthermore, it is on this map that you will get Scorej-Oni.

Bat Country

Vampire Survivors - Bat Country

"We can't stop here.

This map is not entitled Bat Country by chance. Here you will face waves of bats of all kinds. You may encounter Pipeestrello and Glowing Bats as well as Giant Bats and Golden Bats. Since they come from all four sides of the screen, you'll need to be careful. However, before you set foot in Bat Country, you should reach level 80 on the Mad Forest map with the Reverse mode active.

Bat Country is characterised by a somewhat chaotic settingwhich is not unlike the famous Green Hill Zone from the Sonic games. Other elements refer to this licence: after several minutes of combat, you will see a sphere appear in the background that echoes the one in the bonus levels in Sonic Mania.

If this is not the case at the beginning of the game, your movements are quickly limited by coloured diamondsThis is another reference to Sonic, which will come and lock up your survivor. Be careful not to hit them, they do damage. However, your attacks can make them disappear once they have completed their colour cycle, which goes from blue to pink. Note also that levelling up will be even more difficult due to a malus of -75% of XP associated with the card.

The map does not offer any new characters to unlock, but brings two new relics: Apoplexy and Chaos Malachite. The first one gives access to the power-up Charmwhich increases the amount of enemies per wave by 20 per level. The second one unlocks Mortaccio's metamorphosis when he reaches level 80.

You now know how to unlock all the maps available in Vampire Survivors. If you also want to acquire the different characters mentioned throughout the guide, go to our guide How to unlock the characters in the game?