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How to unlock Poe Ratcho? - Vampire Survivors

In Vampire SurvivorsIn this game you can unlock different characters, both normal and secret. In total, there are over 30 heroes you can play as. In this guide, we explain how to get Poe. Don't let appearances fool you, this old man is tougher than he looks.

The characteristics of Poe Ratcho

Vampire Survivors - Poe

Poe is one of the characters normalwhich can be unlocked in the game. This old man with the difficult walk hides his game well and has a very interesting initial weapon: Garlic (yes, simply garlic). What could be more effective than garlic in the fight against vampires, according to rumours? This weapon is characterised by a kind of shield around the characterThis is the most common type of weapon in the world, inflicting damage to monsters that touch it or pass through it.

At the beginning of the game, especially on the first maps, even on Gallo Tower, it's a gem! All you have to do is run into the enemies and enjoy the free experience. All the more so as its passive gives it a permanent increase in pick-up range from 25%. To counterbalance this bonus, Poe starts the game with a reduced maximum life of 30 points.

Unlocking Poe Ratcho

Vampire Survivors - Garlic

Fighting monsters of all kinds in Vampire Survivors with this wise being is not complicated. You will have to play a game with Garlic. If you don't have this weapon yet, you just have to eat a total of 5 roast chickens to get it. When you have done so, or if you already have it, move on.

Simply start a game, and get Garlic as quickly as possible, as it will be necessary to raise it to level 7 to unlock Poe. Once this step has been successfully completed, you can choose to finish your game as normal, or to end it quickly. If all goes well, you will unlock Poe, and he will be visible in the selection. You will still have to spend 500 gold before you can use it.

That's it for this guide! Enjoy your new character. Wisdom will prevail. If you want to expand your character collection, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.