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How to unlock Mortaccio? - Vampire Survivors

In Vampire SurvivorsIn this game you can unlock different characters, both normal and secret. In total, there are over 30 heroes you can play as. In this guide, we explain how to get Mortaccio. Thanks to him, you will OS the enemies!

The characteristics of Mortaccio

Vampire Survivors - Mortaccio

Mortaccio is one of the many characters normal playable in Vampire Survivors. This blessed skeleton benefits from a projectile quantity bonus. You will receive an extra projectile every 20 levels until you reach level 60. In other words, your weapons will have 3 extra projectiles if you reach this stage.

The main weapon of this character is called Bone. Quite simply, you throw a bone in a random direction. Knowing that he is rather slow and that you capitalise on his bounces, it is quite difficult to level up Mortaccio at the beginning of the game.

Since patch 1.3.0, Mortaccio has a capacity for metamorphosis. To unlock it, it will be necessary to collect the relic Chaos Malachite, which appears on the Bad Country card. More precisely, you will find it, after 18 minutes of play, in the centre of a square of coloured diamonds. When this task is completed, Mortaccio can transform into Goshadokuroa Giant skeleton, when he reaches level 80.

Unlocking Mortaccio

Skeleton - Vampire Survivors

To get your hands on MortaccioThere are two solutions: kill a certain number of monsters or use a key combination in the main menu.

The first solution requires you to dig up a total of 3000 skeletons. It should be quick if you start to master the game. We advise you to start on Mad ForestThis map benefits from an interesting and rather manageable wave of skeletons.

Alternatively, Mortaccio can be unlocked using the following keystroke sequence in the main menu: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, space, enter (hello konami code). In addition, you will receive 2800 gold coins. How nice is that?

In both cases, you must spend 500 gold coins to acquire it for good, so the second method may be the easy way to unlock and pay for this character.

That's it for this guide! Enjoy your new character. If you want to expand your character collection, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.