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How to unlock Dommario? - Vampire Survivors

In Vampire SurvivorsIn this game you can unlock different characters, both normal and secret. In total, there are over 30 heroes you can play as. In this guide, we explain how to get Dommario. Stand up to the dark forces with the power of the Bible!

The characteristics of Dommario

Vampire Survivors - Dommario

Dommario is one of the characters normalaccessible in Vampire Survivors. This man of God is part of the trio of clerics, which also includes Suor Clerici and Divano Thelma. When you use this character in game, you benefit from divine powers, from the King Bible. It swirls around your character to inflict damage on affected creatures.

Dommario is also characterised by the number 40! Why is that? Quite simply, because its liabilities offer you a permanent bonus 40% for projectile speed, 40% for duration, but imposes a 40% malus for movement speed.

Unlocking Dommario

Vampire Survivors - Coins

Dommario can be a bit difficult to get, especially when you are new to the game. Indeed, you will need accumulate 5000 gold coins in a single gameIf you want to take advantage of this character. As a reminder, coins can be obtained in two ways: by destroying torches, in the form of bags of coins, and by opening chests. If your goal is to unlock this character, we advise you to hunt for torches and mini-bosses (those that drop chests).

All these coins obtained will quickly find a use, as you will have to shed 500 coins to finalise the procurement of Dommario.

That's it for this guide! Enjoy your new character. If you want to expand your character collection, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.