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Destroy the Seal of the Abyss and Seal of the Banished in Vampire Survivors

Tides of the FoscariThe second DLC of the Vampire Survivors phenomenon has added an interesting new mechanic, the of the seals. In this guide you will find all the information you need to destroy the two seals on the Abyss Foscari cardThese are the Seal of the Abyss and the Seal of the Banished.

Between the Lake Foscari and Abyss Foscari maps there are three different seals. The first one you will encounter, the Seal of the Lake, is located on the first map available with the DLC. By breaking this green crystal, you can access the secret map. This is a preliminary step to everything that follows. If necessary, you can refer to our guide on how to destroy the Seal of the Lake. The seals of interest here are the red Seal of the Abyss and the blue Seal of the Banished.

Destroying the Seal of the Abyss in Vampire Survivors

Your journey will require you to destroy the Seal of the Abyss, before moving on to the next. It is located in the southern part of the Abyss Foscari mapIt is a huge red crystal! You can't miss it: it's a huge red crystal! We advise you to get the Milky Way Map before you embark on this quest. With this relic, you will find the location of the crystal more easily.

The Seal of the Abyss, once destroyed, unlocks Luminaire in Vampire Survivors.

The Seal of the Abyss works in the same way as the Seal of the Lake, i.e. to destroy it, you must attack it with the right weapon. However, unlike the previous crystal, you won't need Keitha. It is with the powerful LegionnaireMaruto's weapon that you will have to defeat. You don't need to take this Survivor specifically as long as you manage to make up the item with the character you have chosen.

If you've made it this far, you probably know the merger formula, but for your convenience, here's a reminder. Raise the Excuzzibur and Armor to the maximum levelThen shoot a mini-boss to get a chest. The developers are nice, they left some Armor in the abyss. Think of recovering them, you'll get a Legionnaire faster.

Excuzzibur icon - vampire survivors
Armor - Vampire Survivors
Legionnaire icon - vampire survivors

Achieving the fusion can be a bit complex, as it is very time consuming. We advise you to stay in the starting area of Abyss Foscari to farm the experience points. Not far from your point of appearance, heading south-east, you will find buttons on the floor that summon new creatures. With this method, it should not take too long.

When you have obtained Legionnaire, go to the seal level. At this point, all you have to do is destroy it, as you did with the Seal of the Lake. Go to the Seal of the Lake and wait until it breaks. Once destroyed, the thick layer of smoke that lined the area will disappear and you will have access to the rest of the abyss.

Note that by reducing this seal to dust, you automatically unlock Foscari luminaire. It will be available for purchase for 16,000 gold coins. You can go back to the menu to buy it or continue your game. However, to destroy the Seal of the Banished, you will have to restart a new run.

Destroying the Seal of the Banished in Vampire Survivors

Even if you have already destroyed the Seal of the Abyss, the Abyss Foscari map still holds many secrets. Now you have to break a new seal, the Seal of the Banished. This seal is located in the northern part of the map. Once again, it is simply unmissable, as it is an imposing blue crystal. If you have the Milky Way Map with you, follow the question mark.

The Seal of the Banished requires Eleanor Uzinor's SpellStorm weapon in Vampire Survivors.

The Seal of the Banished works the same way as the previous two: you need to a precise weapon to reduce it to dust. For this you need by Eleanor Uzinor. In reality, it is mainly its ultimate weapon that interests you, namely the SpellStorm and you can start a game with the character of your choice, as long as you get that equipment at the end.

This skill is obtained by merging SpellString, SpellStream and SpellStrike, all of which are set to the maximum level. This is a particularly time consuming task, and even more complex in the ruins of Abyss Foscari. Don't forget, you have to shoot a mini-boss to get the evolution in a chest.

Spellstring icon - vampire survivors
Spellstream icon - vampire survivors
Spellstrike icon - vampire survivors
Spellstorm icon - vampire survivors

In order to achieve this more quickly, we recommend the same strategy than with the Seal of the Abyss. Stay at your point of appearance, and go down a little to the South East. Use the buttons on the ground to summon waves of monsters and easily gain experience.

As soon as the SpellStorm is in your possession, go to the seal. Be careful not to be attacked by the four guards protecting the Metaglio left and right. This would make the rest of the game far too complex.

You still have to break this famous seal, and for that, you will have to be patient. This is a slightly longer than the previous times, and it seems that you have to keep moving. Once destroyed, you see a strange shape coming out. It is I-Ne-Vivthe evil Devourer of Worlds that was sealed in the ruins.

Once this mission is completed, you will unlock one more character, namely Genevieve Gruyère. It will cost you 30,000 gold coins to use his powers. Since the battle against I-Ne-Viv starts automatically, it is best to continue it to the end before leaving the game.