Vampire Survivors

Unlock the Forbbiden Scrolls of Morbane and cheat codes in Vampire Survivors

In order to benefit from all the content offered by Vampire SurvivorsIn particular the different characters and certain relics, it is necessary to complete specific challenges and achievements. However, there is another much faster method if you want to get Mortaccio or Queen Sigma for example. To do this you need to unlock the cheat codes by collecting the Forbbiden Scrolls of Morbane. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know to do this. You will also find a listing of all known cheat codes and their functions at the bottom of the page.

How to get the Forbbidens Scrolls?

Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane

In Vampire Survivors, you can collect different relics The Forbbiden Scrolls of Morbane is one of them. This relic will give you definitive access to the Secrets Menu. We will return to this in the next section.

Vampire Survivors - The Bone Zone

In order to get your hands on the scrolls, you must have unlocked The Bone Zone card before. To get to this Challenge level, you simply need to unlock Hyper Mode for three of the main maps.

Milky Way Map - Vampire Survivors
Milky Way Map

In addition, we strongly advise you to collect the Milky Way Map on the Dairy Plant map, without which you are on an almost impossible quest. All you have to do is find the item on the map, by following the arrow on the screenand then face the horde of creatures guarding it. When this is done, return to the level selection menu.

Start a new game on The Bone Zone and press Esc to open the mini-map. You should see a question mark. Go to to the south for about 3 minutes, until you reach that famous question mark.

Follow the question mark on the mini-map.

It is in fact a foul creature called Sketamari. Since it moves, you may have to look for it a little before you find it. Then you can go to the next step, you will have to shoot him to drop the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane. This fight will probably take several attempts. It is a complex boss, absorbing other monsters it comes into contact with, growing and gaining life with each new absorption. Ideally, you should eliminate it as quickly as possibleto avoid such a gain in weight.

You must shoot Sketamari to drop the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.
Sketamari can become huge!

Once you have the scrolls, there is no need to finish your game; you can quit and return to the main menu.

What is the Secrets Menu?

As you can see, the interest of acquiring the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane is to be able to use the Secrets Menu. The latter appears in the main menu once you have collected the forbidden scrolls.

The Secrets menu appears in the main menu

The Secrets menu is particularly useful and interesting, but why is that? On the one hand, because it gives you information about the characters you haven't unlocked yet, on the other hand, and this is what interests us here, it allows you to return of the SpellsIn other words cheat codes.

The Secrets menu allows you to enter cheat codes called Spells
Unlock Arcanas with the Secrets menu

Alternative technique to access the Secrets

There are a second method to unlock this menu. If you have already collected the Yellow SignGo to the Collection menu. There, you just have to click 7 times on the icon of this object. A message appears on the screen indicating that You now practice magic. Then return to the main menu, where you will find the Secrets menu.

Unlike the Forbidden Scrolls, this other technique does not permanently unlock access to the Secrets. As a result, you will have to repeat this operation each time you log on to the game; at least until you get the scrolls.

Click 7 times on the Yellow Sign

This method could allow you to unlock Arcanas and/or characters useful to defeat Sketamari easily, in order to pick up the Forbidden Scrolls easily.

Vampire Survivors cheat codes

In this section, you will find all the cheat codes, or Spells, known in the game. They allow you to unlock heroes, levels or even certain relics and Arcanas.

Spells to unlock all characters in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC

Unlocked characterCode to be entered
Megalo Menya Moonspellelamadonna
Megalo Syuuto Moonspelltakeashower
Menya Moonspellyoungatheart
Miang Moonspellshounenheroine
Syuuto Moonspellitsnotaneclipse

Spells to unlock characters

Note: some codes give access to the character and his basic weapon.

Unlocked characterCode to be entered
Arca Ladonnanoneladonna
Avatar Infernaskalvasflam
Big Trouser and the Candyboxearrivatolarrotino
Bianca Ramba and the Carréllocarramba
Boon Marrabbiofettinepanate
Christine Davaincrystalmakeup
Concetta Caciottaifeellovevenus
Cosmo Pavonelhovistoio
Divano Thelmawhenolodic
Exdash Exiviiqexdashexoneviiq
Boros Gainshighfive
Giovanna Granathetwoassassins
Gyorunton and the Braceletsecondvolution
Iguana Gallo Vallettowaitreaction
Krochi Freettoaccidenti
Lama Ladonnasuperladonna
Mask of the Red Deathablasphemousmockery
Minnah Mannarahfoldinthecheese
O'Sole Meeo and Celestial Dustingreset
Poe Ratchostrongestcharacter
Poppea Pecorinafeldschlacht
Porta Ladonnavivaladonna
Pugnala Provolaflymetothemoon
Queen Sigmaallatonce
Sir Ambrojoe and La Robbalanguorino
Smith IVmaybeimastallion
Suor Clericifaschiuma
Toastietramezzini - Only works if Exdash is already unlocked
Yatta Cavallo and the Cherry Bombyattapanda
Zi'Assunta Belpaeseparadigmshift

Spells to unlock cards

Card unlockedCode to be entered
Green Acresdotgogreenacres
The Bone Zonerottingpizza
Boss Rashpeakgamedesign
Tiny Bridgerecyclethetower

Spells to unlock relics

Unlocked relicCode to be entered
Ars Goudathisooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
Glass Vizardeggseggseggs
Great Gospelicanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet
Grim Grimoirethisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
Magic Bangerthankelrond
Milky Way Mapleadmetothecheese
Sorceress' Tearstimecompression
Yellow Signihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit

Spells to unlock Arcanas

Arcana unlockedCode to be entered
Arcana 0 - Game Killerilmatto
Arcana 1 - Geminiilbagatto
Arcana 2 - Twilight Requiemlapapessa
Arcana 3 - Tragic Princesslimperatrice
Arcana 4 - Awakelimperatore
Arcana 5 - Chaos in the Dark Nightilpapa
Arcana 6 - Sarabande of Healingrandomazzami
Arcana 7 - Iron Blue Willilcarro
Arcana 8 - Mad Groovelaforza
Arcana 9 - Divine Bloodlineleremita
Arcana 10 - Beginninglaruota
Arcana 11 - Waltz of Pearlslagiustizia
Arcana 12 - Out of Boundslappeso
Arcana 13 - Wicked Seasonlamorte
Arcana 14 - Jail of Crystallatemperanza
Arcana 15 - Disco of Goldildiavolo
Arcana 16 - Slashlatorre
Arcana 17 - Lost & Found Paintinglastella
Arcana 18 - Boogaloo of Illusionslaluna
Arcana 19 - Heart of Fireilsole
Arcana 20 - Silent Old Sanctuaryilgiudizio
Arcana 21 - Blood Astronomiailmondo