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How do I unlock Shapeshifter? - Vampire Survivors

Between normals, secrets, DLCs and upgrades, you'll be able to unlock over 50 different characters in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we explain how to obtain Shapeshiftera very suspicious character from the Among Us phenomenon!

Features of Shapeshifter Nino

Vampire Survivors - Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter is a fun Survivor available in Vampire Survivors thanks to the Emergency Meeting DLC. This character introduces a playfully powerful weapon called the Just Vent.

In fact, you don't even control this weapon, as it automatically generates air ducts on the ground. These suck in more or less enemies, who simply disappear. You still get experience crystals when they're eliminated. Note that this doesn't work with bosses and Death. When you have a lot of active ducts at the same time, Just Vent is really formidable.

And its evolution, Unjust Ejectionis even more so. When it's activated, the doors of a ship - in reference to Among Us - open: all the enemies who pass through are ejected into space at the same time. Once again, bosses are not affected. To access this evolution, you'll need to Turn up Just Vent and Mini Shapeshifter to maximum level.

Thanks to its initial weapon, this Survivor is already a lot of fun to use, but it also has a very practical liabilityThey can also be used to recover body appendages from the ground after sustaining damage. Like chickens, they restore your health points.

Unlock Shapeshifter Nino

Vampire Survivors - Scientist

First of all, please note that you must own the Emergency Meeting DLC in order to unlock Shapeshifter in Vampire Survivors. If you do, make sure you have unlocked Scientist. We need his weapon.

The objective is relatively simple: you need to evolve Science Rocks into Rocket Science to unlock Shapeshifter. To do this, start a game on Polus Replica with Scientist. By doing so, you already have Science Rocks in your possession. To evolve, you also need the Mini Scientist You can easily find it on the ground on the map.

Once you have set these two elements to maximum levelFind and kill an elite enemy to collect a chest. This will give you Rocket Science and complete the mission.

Science Rocks - Vampire Survivors
Science Rocks
Mini Scientist - Vampire Survivors
Mini Scientist
Rocket Science - Vampire Survivors
Rocket Science

At this point, you can continue your game until the end, or go straight back to the character selection menu. All that's left is the checkout... Count on 2051 gold to buy Shapeshifter.

If you want to unlock it even faster, you can use the cheat code greenisredyouism. Find out all about it at our guide to the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane.

That's it for this guide! If you want to expand your collection of characters, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.