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How do I unlock Scientist? - Vampire Survivors

Between normals, secrets, DLCs and upgrades, you'll be able to unlock over 50 different characters in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we explain how to obtain Scientistthe pink scientist from Among Us!

Scientist Mina features

Vampire Survivors - Scientist

Scientist is one of the Among Us crew members added to Vampire Suvivors with the Emergency Meeting DLC. He's a scientist at heart, using his research objects to attack enemies.

Its basic weapon is called Science Rocks. It's pretty cool, but not very easy to use. This equipment drops several minerals onto the ground near your character. They don't do any damage unless you step on them directly. They explode on contact with you. In other words, you have to let the enemies get close to a stone, and to you, to inflict damage. It's a risky style of play that won't suit everyone.

However, its evolution is nothing short of monstrous. When it's activated, Rocket Science causes numbered squares to appear on the ground. Follow the order to unleash chaos on the map! To get it, you need to climb Science Rocks and the Mini Scientist at maximum level.

Scientist also has a rather original passive: every 10 levels, you lose 10% of Luck, with a maximum of -90%, but in exchange, you have the right to choose one bonus per level, every 10 levels.

Unlock Scientist Mina

Vampire Survivors - Engineer

Unlocking Scientist Mina in Vampire Survivors isn't easy. To get your hands on this character, you first need to unlock several others, including the Engineer. For more information on this subject, please refer to our dedicated Engineer guide. If you have already completed this stage, you can move on to the next.

What happens next isn't as complex as all that. You need to upgrade the Lucky Swipe to Crossed Wires. Here are the steps to get you there quickly. Start a game with the Engineer; he already has the Lucky Swipe, so you'll save time. Then raise the Lucky Swipe to level 2 to find the Mini Engineer in the items to choose from when you level up. You must raise the Mini Engineer to maximum level, and do the same with the Lucky Swipe.

Note that it is possible to acquire the Mini Engineer on the ground on Polus Replica. It may be worth playing on this card to quickly gain a Mini Engineer level.

Lucky Swipe - Vampire Survivors
Lucky Swipe
Mini Engineer - Vampire Survivors
Mini Engineer
Crossed Wires - Vampire Survivors
Crossed Wires

Once you have achieved this objective, you still need to defeat an elite enemy to open a chest. You will find Crossed Wires inside, just like any other evolution. After that, you can end the game and return to the Survivors menu. All that's left to do is pay 2000 gold to acquire Scientist permanently.

With the cheat code sciencepinkyou can unlock it more quickly. Find out all about it at our guide to the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane.

That's it for this guide! If you want to expand your collection of characters, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.