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How do I unlock Rose? - Vampire Survivors

In Vampire SurvivorsYou can unlock different characters, both normal and secret. In total, there are over 40 heroes to play as. In this guide, we explain how to obtain Rose De Infernasa dark and mysterious creature.

Characteristics of Rose De Infernas

Vampire Survivors - Rose De Infernas

In Vampire Survivors, certain characters are normalothers are known as secrets. Rose falls into this second category. But this evil shadow isn't all that terrifying. Well, almost... Its passive nature requires you to be a seasoned player, since it increases the number of enemies by 100. In addition, this character has a double stats penalty, with -90% in Might and -80% in Growth.

As for its basic weaponis simply the FuwalafuwalooThis evolution is normally obtained with Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear. Note that it cannot be upgraded. And for good reason, it's already particularly powerful: this item produces several horizontal slashes, as well as a circle of slashes all around your hero.

Unlock Rose De Infernas

To obtain Rose De Infernas, you must unlock the Astral Stairs card beforehand. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Unlock Inverse mode on Inlaid Library,
  • Reach level 80 with the character of your choice in a reverse mode game,

If you want to access this level quickly, you can also enter the code recyclethelibrary in the secret menu. For more information, see our guide to Forbidden Scrolls and cheat codes.

Then, when you're on Astral Stairs, all you have to do is pass through a door 46 times. You can do this in a single playthrough, but you don't have to in order to complete the quest. The order in which you take the doors doesn't matter. The same goes for the character you use.

Example of a door on the Astral Stairs map
The doors are in the walls of the libraries

Once you have passed through the 46th door, you will be teleported into a room. There you will find a white coffin containing Rose De Infernas. Then return to the character selection menu. Rose is available to buy for 18,000 gold coins. Once again, you can acquire this Survivor more quickly thanks to the cheat code rescuefromtheshadows.

That concludes this guide! If you want to expand your collection of characters, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.