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How to unlock the Tides of the Foscari DLC characters? - Vampire Survivors

Tides of the Foscari is the second DLC of the phenomenon Vampire Survivors. The students of the Foscari Academy are ready to take you on fantastic adventures in an enchanted land. Eleanor, Maruto and Keitha, as well as the five other new characters, join the long line of list of survivors. In this guide, we explain how to get all the new heroes in this DLC.

In addition to the numerous music tracks, various weapons and the incredible territory of Lake Foscari, the Tides of the Foscari DLC brings eight new survivors. As was the case in Legacy of the MoonspellNone of them are directly accessible. To get your hands on them, you will have to perform several tasks, which we will explain in the next sections. Furthermore, if you want to unlock them all in a row, you will need a small reserve of gold coins. The price of some characters is very high! Here is the order in which you must unlock them.

How to unblock Eleanor Uzinor?

Eleanor, a character from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

To unlock Eleanor, you will need to finding your coffin. This one is hidden on the map Lake Foscari.

Eleanor's coffin is located in the magical village northwest of Lake Foscari.

Before you start looking for it, we advise you to collect the Milky Way Mapa hidden relic on Dairy Plant. It will allow you to locate the coffin with a (?). Once you have it in your possession, start a game on Lake Foscari with a strong character, for example Queen Sigma. By doing so, you will be able to go much faster to eliminate the enemies that will block your way.

Your goal is located in the North West part of the region. When you appear on the map, you will be in the South. Head northwest, so that you will be right next to the dense forest. Go along it, and as soon as you have the opportunity to go back north, do so. A new obstacle appears: you must now cross the river in front of you. Don't panic, just head a little to the west to find a bridge. Continue straight on northwards until you reach reach the magic village. This is where you will find Eleanor's coffin.

Eliminate the enemies protecting the coffin to unlock Eleanor in Vampire Survivors.

As usual, it is protected by a multitude of enemies, which you must necessarily annihilate every last one. When you have done this, move to the coffin. The first window tells you that the vampire is elsewhere, the next that Eleanor has joined the survivors. You can now return to the character selection menu. Acquiring the magician will only cost you 1300 gold coins.

How to unlock Maruto Cuts?

Maruto, a character from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

If you want to get your hands on Maruto Cuts, you must first unlock Eleanor. Without this, you will not be able to complete the challenge necessary to obtain the warrior. Here you must form the SpellStormIt is the evolution of several of Eleanor's skills which are none other than SpellString, SpellStream and SpellStrike. For this to work, you will need to mount each capacity at its maximum levelThis is level 6. At this point, all you have to do is eliminate a mini-boss to get the SpellStorm in the chest that he drops on the ground.

Spellstring icon - vampire survivors
Spellstream icon - vampire survivors
Spellstrike icon - vampire survivors
Spellstorm icon - vampire survivors

Once you have completed this task, return to the character selection menu. In order to take advantage of the gigantic power of Maruto's sword, you will need to purchase it for 8100 gold coins.

How to unblock Keitha Muort?

Keitha, a character from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

Again, it was essential to unlock the previous character to move on to the next. This time it was Maruto's basic weapon, Excuzziburthat you are interested in. The objective is quite simple: you must make evolve his sword into a Legionnaire.

Evolution requires the Armor liability. To avoid wasting time and to be sure to get this item, we strongly advise you to start a game on Lake Foscari: the armour is one of the items directly present on the ground. When you have them in your possession, raise them to the maximum level. At this stage, you still need to eliminate a mini-boss to retrieve the fused weapon from the chest.

Excuzzibur icon - vampire survivors
Armor - Vampire Survivors
Legionnaire icon - vampire survivors

When you have ticked all the boxes of the conditions necessary to acquire her, end your game and return to the main menu. Keitha is now available in the hero selection menu, but you still have to buy her to use her. She will cost you the small sum of 8400 gold coins.

How to unblock Sammy?

Sammy, a creature from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

Unlike previous Survivors, you don't need to have unlocked a particular character to unlock Sammy. Your mission is simple: you need to cutting down 6000 caterpillars on Lake Foscari. However, if you take a look at the map, you will notice that there are very few of these creatures in sight. This is quite normal, their lair is well hidden!

Location of the area filled with caterpillars to complete the Sammy the Caterpillar challenge.

After appearing on Lake Foscari, head north-east and follow the following path through the labyrinth. Once you have exited, head directly east: you should walk along the forest in a northerly direction. Among the trees you should see a kind of stone wall. Keep this visual cue in view!

Follow this wall upwards until it makes a 90° angle. Stick to the wall as much as possible and turn right. There is a a secret passage on this part of the wall. To find it, you must try to move downwards, as if you were trying to cross the wall. When you have found the hidden entrance, go to this new space.

The secret passage to the east leads to an area full of caterpillars.
Go through the wall in the trees to enter the secret area.

The latter is filled with of caterpillarswhich you will have to eliminate until you reach a quota of 6000. The counter at the top of the screen should help you keep track of your progress. We recommend that you do more than 6000 kills, as there are other creatures in the area. With 9000 enemies killed, you should be good. Go back to the character menu and spend 145,000 gold coins to access Sammy's powers.

How to unlock Foscari Lighting?

The powerful Luminary magician from Vampire Survivors
Legionnaire icon - vampire survivors

You may have guessed it, but it was mandatory to unlock the previous characters to get your hands on Foscari luminaire. On the one hand, because you need Keitha's advanced weapon to destroy the Seal of The Lake and discover the Abyss of the Foscari map. On the other hand, because you need Maruto's advanced weapon, namely the Legionnaire. As a reminder, this weapon requires Excuzzibur and Armor to be levelled up and a mini-boss to be beaten in order to open a chest.

The Seal of the Abyss, once destroyed, unlocks Luminaire in Vampire Survivors.

Within the Abyss Foscari you will find a reddish crystal, which is none other than the Seal of the Abyss. That is your goal! And to destroy it, it is mandatory to touch it with the Legionnaire Without this weapon, it will not break.

So you need to start a game on this dark map and quickly get your hands on an Armor. Take advantage of the one available on the ground to be faster. The longer it takes to fuse, the harder it will be to break the seal. The creatures of darkness only want to devour you!

When you have completed this complex task, return to the character selection menu. Luminaire will be available for purchase: it will cost you 16,000 gold coins to enjoy its fantastic powers.

How to unblock Genevieve Gruyère?

Genevieve Gruyère is an evil witch from Vampire Survivors.
Spellstorm icon - vampire survivors

By the time you unlock this character, you should already have the Abyss Foscari and Eleanor Uzinor cards in your possession. If not, refer to the previous paragraphs to complete these preliminary steps. It is not so much Eleanor that interests you, but the fact that be able to create the SpellStormthe weapon designed by merging its three spells: SpellString, SpellStream and SpellStrike.

The Seal of the Banished requires Eleanor Uzinor's SpellStorm weapon in Vampire Survivors.

The steps to unlock Genevieve Gruyere are similar to those in Luminaire. To get your hands on this witch, you'll need to crush another seal, entitled the Seal of the Banished. This huge blue crystal is located in the northern part of the map. In order to destroy it, approach it and hit it with the SpellStorm. This can take several seconds. For more information, we have a guide to the Abyss Foscari seals. Once you have blown the seal, Genevieve is available for purchase in the hero selection menu, for 16,000 gold coins.

Unlocking I-Ne-Viv

Vampire Survivors' Je-Ne-Viv creature of hell

If you want to play with I-Ne-Vivyou will need slaughter 100,000 enemies with Genevieve in one game. You can select the map of your choice to complete this challenge. We strongly recommend that you obtain the Seventh Trumpet on the Eudaimonia Machine cardin order to access the Endless mode. Without the relic, you will hardly reach the required quota. This filthy creature is not cheap, as it requires 150,000 gold.

How to unblock Rottin Ghoul?

Rottin'Ghoul, a character from the Tides of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

Like Sammy, you don't need either character's weapon to unlock Rottin Ghoul. However, it still requires you to have discovered Abyss Foscari. And like the caterpillar, your mission is not very complex. All you have to do is neutralize 6000 Rottin Ghoul.

The Rottin Ghouls are present in the Abyss Foscari of Vampire Survivors.

Again, it is preferable to have more kills than the requested number, as you will have to eliminate other creatures. When you have enough, say 8000, go back to the character selection menu. Rottin Ghoul will cost you almost nothing, just 1500 gold coins.