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How do I unlock the characters in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC? - Vampire Survivors

Legacy of the Moonspell is the whole first DLC of the phenomenon Vampire Survivors. The Moonspell were once the guardians of a snowy valley nestled in the mountains of the Eastern Lands. These powerful individuals add to the long line of list of survivors available in-game. In this guide, we explain how to get all the new characters in the DLC.

The DLC entitled Legacy of the Moonspell brings its share of new features, including eight survivors. None of them are directly available upon purchase. They all require the completion of a specific challenge to be unlocked. Also, you will need to a good supply of gold to purchase the full set of DLC survivors. Here is the order in which you need to unlock each one.

How do I unblock Miang Moonspell?

Vampire Survivors - Miang Moonspell

It is necessary to unlock Miang in the first instance, in order to obtain its initial weapon: the Silver Wind. To get your hands on the last disciple of the Moonspell clan, you must find his coffin on the Mount Moonspell map. It is recommended that you use the Milky Way Map for ease of use: Miang appears as a question mark.

Rendezvous in the north-eastern part of the map Go directly to the right when you appear, until you find a path. Follow it straight north. You have to go through the main gate of the castle (left image) to reach the building that hides the coffin (right image).

Vampire Survivors - Mount Moonspell - find Miang
Vampire Survivors - Mount Moonspell - find Miang - building

Once this is done, you will need to fight and eliminate the creature that protects it. Then you just have to stand on the coffin to open it. There is no need to continue the game. Miang is instantly available in the survivor selection menu. However, you still have to pay 2,600 gold to be able to play it.

Slay the creature to gain access to Miang's coffin - Vampire Survivors
Unlock miang moonspell - Vampire Survivors

How to unblock Menya Moonspell?

Vampire Survivors - Menya Moonspell

As mentioned earlier, by unlocking Miang, you get the Silver Wind. This is a necessary condition to acquire the venerable and extremely powerful Menya Moonspell. The objective here is simple: to develop the Silver Wind. Since Miang already has this weapon at the beginning of the game, use this survivor to complete the challenge.

In order to achieve the evolution of the Silver Wind, the Festive WindsYou need to raise it to level 8. You also need to the Pummarola heart. Remember to pick it up quickly during your game. You need to get it to level 5. Then find a chest to get the Festive Winds.

Silver Wind - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Silver Wind
pummalrola - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Festive Winds - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Festive Winds

Once this is done, leave the game to buy Meyna in the character selection menu. She will cost you the small sum of 13,500 gold coins.

How to unlock Megalo Menya Moonspell?

Vampire Survivors - Megalo Menya

Megalo Menya is an alternative and even more powerful version of Menya. If you want to get your hands on it, you'll have to be patient. You must slaughter 100,000 enemies with Menya in one game. No card is imposed. In order to pass this challenge, you must obtain the Seventh Trumpet on the Eudaimonia Machine card. This will give you access to the Endless mode. Without it, you probably won't have enough time to reach the required number of eliminations.

This survivor is particularly expensive! You have to pay 135,000 gold.

How to unblock Syuuto Moonspell?

Vampire Survivors - Syuuto Moonspell
Four Seasons - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Four Seasons

The next survivor on the list is none other than Syuuto Moonspell. Practising black magic, he was banished from the clan. It was necessary to unlock Menya (her alternative version is not a requirement), in order to use and to develop the Four seasons.

The evolution of the Four Seasons is entitled Godai Shuffle. This weapon is a bit complex to obtain. Once you have the Four Seasons level 8, you will need to combine them with Spinach and CandelabradorThey are also level 8. Remember to pick them up quickly during your game to make them pass the levels as quickly as possible.

Spinach - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Candelabrador - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Godai Shuffle - Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell
Godai Shuffle

Once you have opened a chest and obtained the Godai Shuffle, you can end your game and return to the main menu. Syuuto is available for purchase for 13,500 gold.

How to unblock Megalo Syuuto Moonspell?

Vampire Survivors - Megalo Syuuto

As for Megalo Menya and Menya, Megalo Syuuto is a stronger and more powerful version of Syuuto. The challenge is the same as Menya's: you must slaughter 100,000 enemies with Syuuto in one part. Again, you can start a game on the map of your choice. Select the Endless mode to have enough time.

This character is not as expensive as Megalo Menya, as it only requires 13,500 gold.

How to unlock Babi-Onna?

Vampire Survivors - Babi-Onna

In the same way that Miang was needed to unlock Menya or Menya to get Syuuto, Syuuto is needed to unlock Babi-Onna. Specifically, you need its initial weapon: Summon Night. Again, the aim is to make it evolve.

The evolution of Summon Night is entitled Echo Night. This time, the recipe contains only one other ingredient: the Duplicator. You will need to raise the Summon Night and the Duplicator to their maximum level, 8 and 2 respectively.

Summon Night - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell
Summon Night
Duplicator - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell
Echo Night - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell
Echo Night

One last step is necessary: you must open a chest to find Echo Night. Then return to the main menu. You can buy Babi-Onna, the charming revenant, for the modest sum of 13,500 gold.

How to unlock McCoy-Oni?

Vampire Survivors - McCoy-Oni

Obtaining McCoy-Oni will still require evolve a particular weapon. This time, it is Babi-Onna's kimono that is used in the recipe, namely the Mirage Robe. It was therefore mandatory to unlock it beforehand.

Here you are looking for the vial entitled J'Odore. This is achieved by combining the Attractorb at level 5 and the Mirage Robe to level 8. It will be easier to start a game with Babi-Onna to complete this challenge without too much difficulty. Also, remember to get the second ingredient quickly, or you may not be able to maximize it. Again, you will need to find the evolution in a chest during your game.

Mirage Robe - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell
Mirage Dress
Attractorb - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell
J'Odore - Vampire Survivors - The Legacy of The Moonspell

When the task is completed, McCoy-Oni is automatically available in the character selection menu. However, you will have to buy him before you can use his powers! The hairy being requires 13,500 gold.

How to unblock Gav'Et-Oni?

Vampire Survivors - Gav'Et-Oni

To unlock Gav'Et-OniThere are no recipes on the horizon; this is the fight that awaits you! You will simply have to eliminate 6000 Kappas in total. These creatures live only in one particular area of Mount Moonspell : the Frozen Lake.

To reach this particular location, head directly to to the left when you appear. As soon as you find a path on the ground, follow it, northbound. This involves some zigzagging through the creatures, but the journey is not very long or complicated.

How to reach the Frozen Lake on the Mount Moonspell map in Vampire Survivors

Kappas appear as soon as you reach the area. All you have to do is unleash your spells to obtain the required quota. Be very careful, an imposing skeleton will try to make your life difficult.

You will find the Kappas at the Frozen Lake in Mount Moonspell - Vampire Survivors

Unfortunately there is no counter to tell you if you've got enough eliminations, so keep knocking down the Kappas while you can. If you die, start over, the challenge can be done in several attempts.

The last step is of course the purchase! Don't worry, Gav'Et-Oni only costs 1,350 gold.