Vampire Survivors

How to unlock the Abyss Foscari map in Vampire Survivors?

The second DLC of Vampire Suvivors, Tides of the Foscaribrings a brand new fairytale map, entitled Lake Foscari. This peaceful-looking, flower-filled land leads to Abyss FoscariA dark, ruined area in which evil incarnate has been sealed. We explain the steps to take to get there.

Location of the Seal of the Lake

To set foot in the depths of the Foscari kingdom, you'll need to be patient. The Foscari Abyss map is only revealed to the most valiant adventurers, and to do so you must destroy the Seal of the Lake. It is a huge green crystal, located in the north-eastern part of Lake Foscari. Just follow this route to find its location:

Location of the Seal of the Lake - Tides of the Foscari - Vampire Survivors.

Retrieve the Millionaire weapon

Finding the location of the crystal is one thing, smashing it to dust is another. If you've already reached it, you may have tried to break it, but nothing happened. Don't panic, we'll explain.

Seal of the Lake - Tides of the Foscari - Vampire Survivors

In the centre of the crystal you can see a symbolwhich is none other than Millionaire'sKeitha's advanced weapon. This is a hint, which tells you that the seal will only break with arrows from this weapon, and not another. So, you must must unblock Keitha Muort before you can hope to destroy the Seal of the Lake. If you haven't already done so, please refer to our dedicated guide to Keitha.

Once you have the student in your possession, restart a game on Lake Foscari. You will now create a weapon of unbelievable power! Millionaire is indeed a devastating weapon, but it takes a long time to obtain. The fusion requires not two, but three ingredients at maximum level Flash Arrow, the original skill of Keitha, Bracer and Clover.

Flash arrow icon - vampire survivors
Flash Arrow
Clover - Vampire Survivors
Bracer - Vampire Survivors
Millionaire icon - vampire survivors

To avoid wasting too much time, and the risk of dying before you have had time to break the crystal, we recommend that you recover the Clover and Bracer available on the groundin Lake Foscari. With the Yellow Sign and the Milky Map, you will have no trouble spotting it. Also, take a second weapon quicklyFlash Arrow is too slow and limited at the beginning of the game, and risks putting arrows in your wheels...

For each level you win, try to Prefer to mount one of the three ingredients of the recipe. Also, avoid picking up other items, as this will only increase the time it takes to complete your fusion. When Flash Arrow is level 8, Clover is level 5 and Bracer has reached level 5, take on a mini-boss to retrieve a chest and find Millionaire inside.

Breaking the Seal of the Lake

At this point, there's only one thing left to do: smash the damned crystal into a thousand pieces! The easiest way to do this would be to be near the seal, but there's no need to do that. With Millionaire in your inventory, you could be traversing the entire map and encountering hundreds of creatures, and you'd still make it to the crystal.

Once you are in front of the Seal of the Lake, get as close as possible and wait a few moments. Eventually it will disintegrate before your eyes. At that moment, the screen goes dark, and you are teleported into the abyss.

This new map has many surprises in store, including more crystals to break... but also an epic battle against the dreadful I-Ne-Vivthe Devourer of Worlds.