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How do I unlock Impostor? - Vampire Survivors

Between normals, secrets, DLCs and upgrades, you'll be able to unlock over 50 different characters in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we explain how to obtain Impostorthe traitor from Among Us!

The features of Impostor Rina

Vampire Survivors - Impostor

Impostor is one of the characters available in Vampire Survivors. He was added with the Emergency Meeting DLC, alongside Crewmate and the Engineer, among others. He's a very interesting Survivor and particularly fun to play.

Its basic weapon is none other than Sharp Tonguea deadly tongue capable of attacking targets both near and far. In co-op mode, it can also kill your ally... When it evolves, it transforms into a Impostonguean even more powerful version, which occasionally emits a giant laser blast. Note that evolution is obtained thanks to to the Mini Impostor.

What's more, Impostor has a very enjoyable passive. After eliminating a good number of opponents - or an ally - you become temporarily invincible, stronger and much faster.

Unlock Impostor Rina

Vampire Survivors - Crewmate

To acquire Impostor Rina in Vampire Survivors, you need to purchase the Emergency Meeting DLC. Then you need to unlock Crewmate and buy it so you can use your weapon.

The aim is simple: transform Report! into an Emergency Meeting. To do this, you need to set the Report! to maximum level, as well as the Mini Crewmate (red version), also at maximum level. You'll find this passive object on the ground in the Polus Replica card.

Report! - Vampire Survivors
Mini Crewmate - Vampire Survivors
Mini Crewmate
Emergency Meeting - Vampire Survivors
Emergency Meeting

Once you've reached the objectives, end your game, return to the main menu and go to the character selection menu. Impostor is on sale for 2000 gold.

You can also unlock it easily with the cheat code youaretheimpostor. Find out all about it at our guide to the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane.

That's it for this guide! If you want to expand your collection of characters, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.