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How to unlock Engineer? - Vampire Survivors

Between normals, secrets, DLCs and upgrades, you'll be able to unlock over 50 different characters in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we explain how to obtain Engineerthe mechanic from Among Us!

Features of Engineer Gino

Vampire Survivors - Engineer

TheEngineer is available in Vampire Survivors thanks to the Emergency Meeting DLC, in the same way as Crewmate and Horse. This survivor is not very easy to use.

It has a weapon called the Lucky SwipeIt's a game that requires quite a bit of effort to get eliminations at the start of the game. As its name suggests, this equipment generates an access card that goes back and forth in a vacuum - as if you were trying to barge into Among Us - and which inflicts damage on enemies in the area of effect. If you evolve it using the Mini Engineeryou will get Crossed Wires.

However, this difficulty is more than made up for by the Engineer passive. With this Survivor, you can choose not one, but two passive objects when you reach levels 2, 12 and 22.

Unlock Engineer Gino

Vampire Survivors - Impostor

If you're looking to get Engineer, you're going to need to be a little patient, as there are a number of steps involved. First of all, you need to unlock Crewmateto acquire Impostor. We have recorded all the details about this Survivor in Impostor Rina guide. In fact, it's the weapon that interests us most here. Your objective could not be simpler: you must transform the Sharp Tongue into an Impostongue.

To do this, start a game with Impostor on Polus Replica card and head for the building containing the the Mini Impostor (purple version). With the help of the Polus Replica Map - a relic that provides a detailed map of the terrain - this should be fairly easy. If you can't get it that way, you can raise the Sharp Tongue to level 2. From then on, the Mini Impostor will appear in the items available when you level up.

Sharp Tongue
Sharp Tongue
Mini Impostor - Vampire Survivors
Mini Impostor
Impostongue - Vampire Survivors

Next, you must raise these two items to maximum level, then open a bonus chest to find the Impostongue. Once this is done, you can stop your game and return to the Survivor selection menu. You will have to pay 1950 d'or to buy Engineer.

To acquire it more quickly, use the cheat code isaworangevent. Find out all about it at our guide to the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane.

That's it for this guide! If you want to expand your collection of characters, you can refer to our quick guide or go to the page of all heroes.