Best-of Valorant Twitch Clips #98

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big failures or strong moments, we offer you a selection of the most popular sequences on Twitch. This best-of is based on the number of views of Twitch clips during a given week.

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The perfect crosshair-placement!

Skye's flashes, KAY/0's grenades, Omen's Paraonia or Fade's Prowlers destabilize us and sometimes make life very difficult... So what do you do when you can't see anything anymore? Do as JLTomy , follow your instincts and place your crosshair correctly!

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A real Raze main

This is not new, Jbzz enjoys Raze! In this sequence, he proves once again that this Agent can be destructive if well used. Very nice clutch.

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It was very clean!

Do you need more to be convinced of Raze's potential? Don't worry, we have a great ace up our sleeve. Hats off to clix.

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What's behind that wall of fire?

Just like s0mcs, we appreciate Valorant spec mode. Without it, we would miss some incredible sequences. Without it, we would miss some incredible sequences... Dead earlier in the round, he then follows his teammate NSF. The Spike is planted, the clock is ticking, the pressure is rising! The situation quickly becomes critical, and from a 3v5, FNS finds himself alone against the opposing team within seconds.

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I'm fast...!

On the Nascar tracks, Flash McQueen is the fastest, but on the Valorant tracks, nobody beats Neon! ShahZaM was the victim, with a smile...

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