The Best-of Twitch Clips of Valorant #75

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch. This best-of is based on the number of views of Twitch clips in a given week.

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Wise diff!

In Valorant, the aim is important, but not always enough! It also helps to play reflectively; Grimm has understood this with this perfectly positioned Sage wall.

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I'm invisible.

Very often, when you are faced with an opponent, you want to shoot him at all costs. This is not necessarily the best thing to do. In a 1V3 situation, Hiko shows you how to become a real Ninja to get information about your enemies.

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In this sequence, Starsmitten is ultra concentrated on her line. If the enemy comes into her sights, he is sure to get a sniper's bullet. However, the streamer did not anticipate what was going to happen...

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What a flick! OMG

During this rush, Pava misses his kill. The round is not lost though, as there are still 4 members left in his team. Following his elimination, Pava finds himself on Bida's view at just the right time to enjoy the show.

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When Nadeshot, the 100T player is playing in a ranked game, it's not for fun. The spike is planted. It's a 3v4 against the clock that starts. His team is quickly in trouble and he has to clutch to win the point.

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