The Best of Valorant Twitch Clips #60

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch. This best-of is based on the number of views of Twitch clips in a given week.

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ShoT UP Clutch in 1v3

In the match between The Guard and FaZe Clan during the first VCT NA 2022 Open Qualifier, ShoT UP (FC) gave us a superb 1v3 clutch that was very well handled.

See the channel of VALORANT.

Astra + Raze = BOOM

Let's go to the Game Changers EMEA with Danah and Pinkalie (Alliance Coven) who offer us an explosive skill combination (got it?) against IRIS. A treat for the eyes.

See the channel of MitchManCasting.

Shroud in great shape

It's been too long since we've shared a clip of the exploits of Shroud. It's now done with this Ace of qua-li-ty.

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Chamber versus Chamber

During a game, Sate and WARDELL improvise a little Chamber duel. A French 1v1 that did not end well for one of them...

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Go on Jbzz, kill them all!

What better way to end the week than with an Ace from Jbzz ? (On Raze of course, but you guessed it...)

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