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The Best of Valorant Twitch Clips #53

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch.

You can also submit clips on Mandatory's Discord, in the #clips channel.

Today, our Best-of celebrates its first birthday! 1 year of selected clips compiling skills, tactics, and failures, and we will continue to share it all with you in 2022!

A Swirling Raze

The teammates of Hannibal_tn obviously have talent. Raze takes flight and lands a triple kill in seconds, saving his team and recovering the Spike.

See the channel of Hannibal_tn.

Dodge like ScreaM

When it comes to dodging a Sova's ultimate, these are those like you and me who just sidestep, and there's ScreaM who kills an opponent between two arrows to become intangible with his Reyna.

See the channel of ScreaM.

A clutch like no other

Being in eco isn't always a good time, especially when enemies are armed to the teeth. A word of advice: buy a Bucky.

See the channel of HITBOX.

An Ace without eyes for Subroza

When Yoru was released, it was noted that SubRoza doesn't need to see his enemies to defeat them in 1v5.

See the channel of SubRoza.

Turn down the volume

You better not surprise Pokimane in a corridor, even when she's expecting to meet you... We advise you to turn down the volume before watching this clip.

See the channel of Pokimane.

A beautiful 1v5 from Johnqtcs

On Icebox, Johnqtcs is king! The player retakes Icebox's B site solo, making perfect use of his abilities and those of his opponents, and being flexible in terms of weapons.

See the channel of Johnqtcs.

Unstoppable strategy

Did you know that all you had to do was brushing against the right wall of the Site A of Icebox to avoid being spotted by the enemy? Demonstration with xChocoBars.

See the channel of xChocoBars.

Steel's read in the Challengers

Skill is good, but when you also have the game sense, it's better. During the Phase 1 of Challengers NA, Steel doesn't hesitate to throw himself into an enemy smoke and shoots very precisely where his blind enemy is. The movement is so clean and precise that there's no doubt the player had prepared for this kind of situation.

See the channel of NerdStreetGamers.

TenZ's quadra with a Frenzy

We know that TenZ is a machine. But how can you get tired of seeing him do one kill after another, especially on Icebox with a short-range weapon like the Frenzy, all in the middle of a tournament?

See the channel of VALORANT.

An Ace for Pokimane

When Pokimane takes the lead and kills the entire opposing team with his Raze who ends up at 10 health points.

See the channel of Pokimane.

FaZe Clan vs T1, an anime scene

The encounter between FaZe Clan and T1 at the quarter-finals of the Challengers 2 NA qualifiers provided a real anime scene. In the final round of the game, Babybay decided not to let anyone attack his teammates. AsAutimatic leaps into the air and is about launch his rocket, he runs into Babybay's Jett, which deflects his ultimate. He's then killed by Babybay's Jett, without having made a single kill.

See the channel of Shroud.

Myth's mid-air flick

With a little luck and a lot of talent, Myth performs a headshot in a particularly precarious position.

See the channel of Myth.


What a tease this Jbzzis. He doesn't hesitate to scare his mate by pretending to be an enemy, and it works!

See the channel of Jbz.

ShahZaM's collateral kills at the Operator

After taking the first kill at the very beginning of the round, ShahZaM eliminates 3 opponents with a single Operator shot through his own smoke. Quite a line-up!

See the channel of ShahZaM.

"You sound like Jett!"

When Shannon Williams, the woman who lends her voice to Jett, speaks in her game's voice chat, it can make for some adorable situations, as here with one of her teammates who is obviously very surprised to hear Jett's voice!

See the channel of ArrumieShannon.

5? No, 6 kills for Jbzz

Why do an Ace with 5 kills when you can do it with 6, right Jbzz ?

See the channel of Jbz.

An Ace with a Classic? No problem for Fatih!

Phantom or Vandal Aces are clearly overpriced compared to this Ace with a Classic from Fatih...

See the channel of Fatiiiih.

Fully calculated

Just as Flights1 was quietly doing 360 in the void with his Operator, he eliminates a Viper that was passing by and thus wins the round in a magnificent way.

See the channel of Flights1.

This Boom Bot really needs maintenance

The Boom Bot of KaffWorld obviously needs a trip to the workshop.

See the channel of KaffWorld.

My beautiful crosshair, king of crosshairs

The good thing about FPS's like Valorant is the ability to see the game through the other players of the team when you're dead. Sometimes, it's a bit long to watch someone else play, sometimes it's a nice surprise. ScreaM takes the opportunity to discover a work of art!

See the channel of ScreaM.

Jbzz's emotional roller-coaster

Small scare for Jbzz who thought he had been banned from Valorant, before realising that he was simply notified of a feedback from one of his reports. More fear than harm in the end!

See the channel of Jbz.

Snagfromttv the robot (literally)

When Snagfromttv picks KAY/O, he too becomes a machine. Armed with his Vandal, he eliminates in turn Cypher, Reyna, Phoenix, Sage and Omen, in short: the whole opposing team, and thus earns a precious point for his team.

See the channel of SnagFromTTV.

Try to knife Braamz and you will suffer the consequences...

When a team is down to two against one, it can be tempting to finish off the last survivor with your knife. But when it's Braamz, it's not really a good idea... As the Raze jumps on him without her gun, the player of Team Vitality takes the opportunity to eliminate him and then does the same on the Astra to conclude the round.

See the channel of Braamz.

The in-extremis clutch of shroud

Are your teammates falling one by one and you find yourself at 2 against 5? Don't panic, you can count on the Chamber of shroud, who secures the round with a very nice triple kill.

See the channel of Shroud.

This is the end of our best-of clips of the year on Valorant! We remind you that you can share your clips on Mandatory's Discord, in the channel #clips !