The Best of Valorant Twitch Clips #18

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch.

You can also submit clips on Mandatory's Discord, in the #clips channel.

Yacine doing a Yacine

At Mandatory, we have always liked Yacine and his ultra-aggressive gameplay. But when he pulls off some crazy tricks like he did at the VCT, you can't help but be amazed. He saves his team by picking up a weapon and killing an opponent on the fly, then another in a complicated angle. He then uses his ultimate to scare the last remaining defender and cover the sound of the defuse, finishes the defuse and then kills the last player with the rocket still available.

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Poach vs Sentinels

The Sentinels, despite winning the Valorant Masters NA, lost to Built by Gamers this week. They kept getting caught out by individual initiatives, like Poach's on Haven.

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Hiko's moves

It's become a weekly appointment at Shroud: to be subjugated by the moves of the 100Thieves and particularly of Hiko. The latter gives us a great demonstration on his Sova.

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Ethan's flick

100Thieves have no shortage of raw talent, as this impressive flick from Ethan proves.

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We end the week with a clip from Jbzz who crossed paths with a Jett galvanised by the opening of Attack on Titans.

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That's all for this week! We remind you that you can share your clips on Mandatory's Discord, in the channel #clips !