The Best of Valorant Twitch Clips #12

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch.

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Nadeshot must get a tattoo

Nadeshot, the boss of 100 Thieves, had the very bad idea to play Froste's game. The latter asked how many retweets it would take for Nadeshot to tattoo " Sex is temporary, gaming is forever " on his body. Nadeshot answered 100.000.

And 100,000 retweets were gotten... in just a few hours.

See the channel of Nadeshot.

Unstoppable strategy

Did you know that all you had to do was brushing against the right wall of the Site A of Icebox to avoid being spotted by the enemy? Demonstration with xChocoBars.

See the channel of xChocoBars.

Talent is ageless

The brother of the Turkish streamer, Unlost, may be very yound, but he is still an extremely formidable player of Valorant. Things are in safe hands.

See the channel of UnlostTV.

Sykkuno's Ace with knives

To his own amazement, Sykkuno has become a knives ace. He took 6 kills in solo on the site A of Ascent and won the round, under the amazed eyes of his teammates.

See the channel of Sykkuno.

The return of Jbzz

Jbzz got back into Valorant. Believe it or not, he plays Raze in the clip we offer you and performs an Ace. It just goes to show that nothing changes.

See the channel of Jbzz.

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