The Best-of Valorant Twitch Clips #101

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big failures or strong moments, we offer you a selection of the most popular sequences on Twitch. This best-of is based on the number of views of Twitch clips during a given week.

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Bucky > Vandal, it's said!

PROD is not afraid of clutch situations. Alone against the opposing team, he draws his bucky with vigour and wins with ease. Very good performance!

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A Sova as we like it

In the following sequence, Tarik was on the player's view fiziq. Once the attackers have planted the Spike, they must then be able to protect it. It can therefore be useful to keep some of the abilities to make the defuse more complex. With a few seconds to go, fiziq's opponents tried to stop the explosion, but this was without counting on his shock darts...

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Simple, fast, efficient.

This use of Brimstone's ultimate was daring, but the audacity of Ploo paid off. Behold!

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A very good execution

With 45 seconds left in the round, KatarinaFPS and her teammates set off to enter the Bind A-site. With her Raze, the streamer dashes off to find an explosive first kill, before following up with a second in extremis. Her performance did not stop there, as she managed to take down the two remaining opponents with some amazingly accurate shots.

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Alone against all

We couldn't conclude this best-of Valorant without sharing an ace with you... To finish in beauty, here is the incredible performance of Zellsis during a pistol-round.

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