The Best of Valorant Twitch Clips #10 – Twitch Clips

Each week, we review the best Twitch clips of Valorant. Whether it's great actions, big fails or highlights, we offer you an anthology of the most popular sequences on Twitch.

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Shroud is in shape

Shroud is undeniably one of the most talented streamers on shooters. He proves it once again with a superb action in defense, alone against three opponents.

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Bramz is rather in good shape too

The new captain of Vitality doesn't owe his position to chance. Bramz managed an Ace alone against five, which allowed his team to win.

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Turn down the volume

You better not surprise Pokimane in a corridor, even when she's expecting to meet you... We advise you to turn down the volume before watching this clip.

See the channel of Pokimane.

Steel's despair

In a rather disappointing game, Steel can't stand to see his allies headlong rushing headlong and get killed for free. He implores RiotGames to review the matchmaking for those players "who shouldn't be here".

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Syykuno trapped by his allies

Poor Sykkuno was hoping to take his opponents by surprise, but he finds himself stuck between them and the wall of his ally.

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The whiff of Nadeshot

You can be the boss of the American champions of Valorant, and still miss all your shots on your opponents from time to time. Proof of this is the missed opportunity of Nadeshot.

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